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power point presentation

power point presentation

Develop a proposal in which you evaluate the two specific products you selected in Week 4. Your goal is to persuade the directors of the health care workplace to implement your chosen informatics solution.

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power point presentation
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Address the following details:

Brief description of the administrative or clinical issue
Concise overview of the two products, including an evaluation of all relevant features of each product
Select one (not both) product for implementation and provide a clear explanation about why
Two suggestions of how the chosen product could be implemented
Two suggestions for how the chosen product would be evaluated after implementation
Identify a future trend in this area
Develop a presentation using one of the following formats:

7- to 10-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes
Include a minimum of five peer-reviewed references and speakers notes, in a separate document if necessary.

Please note:

In this assignment, you will bring together all the previous weeks notes and papers and comprehensively put it all together. For this assignment, you can use all your previous references. Remember that you have to select one of the products and explain why you chose it and what you believe the future trend will be.



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