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Nursing Theory/Philosophy

Nursing Theory/Philosophy

For this assignment, write a personal nursing philosophy reflecting growth and evolution during your tenure as a nursing student. This is a personal philosophy. Although this is a personal reflection, you should reference scholarly sources to support your ideas.

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Nursing Theory/Philosophy
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Describe are your beliefs and values about the four paradigms in nursing. Provide at least three examples for each paradigm:
The person/patient
Consider the effect of each on health.
Include aspects of your career development.
Identify accountability and responsibility elements that guide your judgments, decisions, and actions as a nurse.
Identify nursing task delegation and assignment elements.
In addition to the assignment specifics above:

Submit 3–4 pages, not including the title page and reference list.
Integrated source(s) into the paragraphs to support your ideas.
Include in-text citations pointing to evidence in the literature that supports your ideas (paraphrased material and quotations).
Use current APA Style to format your paper and to cite your sources where appropriate.
Include a title page and a reference list of any sources you used. Be sure to plan enough time for proofreading and editing.



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