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Social determinants of health influence

AS913: Health Issues Affecting Indigenous Populations- Report Writing Assignment


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Social determinants of health influence
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Pick one health issue from the following list. Examine this health issue in an Indigenous population of your choice (does not have to be the Australian Indigenous population). Discuss how the social determinants of health influence
this population with regard to this health issue and critically examine what interventions have been implemented for this health issue in this population.

Use the following reference for a starting point in your research: United Nations, 2009, The State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Health Issues: 
– Diabetes
– Maternal mortality
– Trachoma
– Substance misuse
– Obesity
– Infectious disease
(choose one specific disease)
– Teenage pregnancy
– Sexual health
– Suicide

1.Demonstrate knowledge of health inequalities and the social gradient of health
2. Critically analyse social, economic, cultural and environmental influences on health and health outcomes, particularly the concepts of class, gender and ethnicity
3. Explain and apply the different theoretical approaches to the social determinants of health
4. Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of social determinants of health approaches to 

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