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psycho-neuroimmunology stress and health

competency essay on the course listed above
some infoThis course explores the theory base of complementary health counseling. The seminar begins with a stress and health exploration of the biological bases of health and disease and includes an overview of psycho-neuroimmunology stress and health. The course examines the contributions of learning theory and cognitive behavioral models, learned helplessness and self-efficacy, stress and coping with an emphasis on social bases of health and disease, Engel’s bio-psychosocial hierarchy, family systems, health and disease, and concludes with ethnocultural variables and health and existential and meaning-making models.
By the end of the course, students will be able to

• Articulate a clear understanding of the theoretical base of complementary health counseling.
• Articulate verbally and in writing the basic tenets of complementary health counseling.
• Understand and explain how the benefits of psycho-neuroimmunology.
• Understand and explain the connection between psychological health/illness and physical health/illness.

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psycho-neuroimmunology stress and health
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