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Introduction to Concepts of Health and Health Promotion

This module will aim to examine the principles and dynamics of Health Promotion in relation to individual and structural contexts, with consideration of the contribution Health Promotion makes to health and social care.

You will explore different approaches, settings and levels through which health may be promoted; examining the role of Health Promotion within health and social care. Social and Economic determinants of health will be explored in relation to health promotion, education and prevention approaches.

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Introduction to Concepts of Health and Health Promotion
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Indicative content:

· Introduction to Concepts of Health and Health Promotion

· Current Issues in Health Promotion

· Theory of Health Promotion

· Assessing Client Needs

· Changing Client Behaviour

· Getting the Health Promotion Message Across

· Ethical Issues in Health Promotion

· Health Promotion Events

Bolton Values and Employability skills: This module also serves to develop employability skills with particular emphasis on the following: (D= Developed, T= Taught, A = Assessed)


Communication Skills: T,A,D

Team Working: T,A,D

Organisation & Planning: T,A,D

Numeracy: T,A,D

Action planning: T,A,D

Initiative: T,A,D

Personal Impact and Confidence: T,A,D

Internationalisation: D

Environmental Sustainability: D

Social, public and ethical responsibility: D

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