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Delivery of health care services in Nepal

To Implement the Primary Health Services to Rural Population in less Health Service Charges – Management Assignment Help


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Delivery of health care services in Nepal
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Management Assignment

In context of Nepal, there were only a small number of doctors who use to treat millions of Nepalese people until 1950.  Since after the introduction of the general health plan in 1956, considerable improvement had been shaped in the sector of health in terms of providing basic health services to population of Nepal (Rai et al., 2001).

Particularly, in rural part of Nepal, only the acute care model is applied in health care centers. Due to less number of health care services such as sub health post and health posts, many of the villagers are not able to get proper health services. The treatment they are facilitated with are just the curative care. However, the preventive measures for maternal health care has been delivered in rural areas.

I used to work as a Field Enumerator in Nepal. I have to visit the sub health posts, health post, primary health post and the hospitals regarding the provision of health services to every population. When I interviewed the health assistant, there were so many things to improve. There were not enough equipment to perform the treatment as well as the retention of professional health care workers are not complete. In one health post, just one health assistant were available. Therefore, the main aim is to improve the delivery of health care services from curative to integrated health care services. The change management project plan will take place in rural health care services of Nepal.

Delivery of health care services in Nepal

Nepal has been grouped as the least developed country in terms of providing health care services to the population.

Objectives / Aim

To improve and develop the health care services from acute care to primary health care who are residing in rural area of Nepal to meet the standard of universal coverage of health reform.

Stakeholder identification

Ministry of Health

Health Administrator

Health Manager



Health Assistant

Assisted in  Nursing

Stakeholder Management Analysis

Defining the four quadrant of SWOT analysis

How to process the change strategy

Explanation of strategies clearly and list the possible challenges




Allocation of staffs


Convince the villagers for the treatment

Project plan

To implement the primary health services to rural population in less health service charges.

Explanation of change management framework

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