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Course Concepts Presentation

Course Concepts Presentation

Assignment Due in 2 weeks

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Course Concepts Presentation
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For this assignment, you will choose two (2) of the course concepts that were discussed this term and create a 10 slide professional visual PowerPoint presentation. NOTE: The 10 slides do not include the title slide or reference slide.

First, pick two (2) course concepts from the list below:

Healthcare Quality
Collaboration/Interpersonal Violence
Healthcare Economics
Technology and Informatics
Then, develop your PowerPoint Presentation. Consider following this pattern for your slides:

Slide 1 – Title slide (Does not count toward the slide count)
Slide 2 – Introduction slide (Introduces and discusses the two selected course concepts)
Slide 3 & 4 – Identify and appraise the first selected concept (Consider the exemplars evaluated during the course)
Slide 5 & 6 – Identify and appraise the second selected concept (Consider the exemplars evaluated during the course)
Slide 7 – Describe how the two concepts impact the nurses’ need to use high level clinical judgement (Consider how nurses advance clinical practice because of the identified concept)
Slide 8 & 9 – Analyze the emerging health initiatives surrounding the two selected concepts (Discuss what initiatives have developed because of the identified exemplars discussed throughout the course)
Slide 10 – Discuss how to advance workplace communication (Identify how to advance communication within the healthcare metaparadigm)
Slide 11 – Conclude the presentation (Provide an overview of what was discussed in the presentation)
Slide 12- Reference slide (References must be in APA Style and citations must be included in the presentation and speaker notes; does not count toward the slide count)



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