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The major areas on health care in which marketing is regularly applied and practiced

LO1 Develop skills in applying marketing strategy and tactics to the health sector 1.1. Evaluate the major areas on health care in which marketing is regularly applied and practiced 1.2. Identify the purpose of marketing thinking and planning in health care organisations 1.3. Identify how marketing normally organised in health care organisations 1.4. Identify the role of marketing for decision making in healthcare organisations V healthcare organisations LO2 Critically analyse marketing environment and determinants of the utilisation of health care service that influence heath care industry 2.1. Assess the major characteristics and weaknesses of the U.K Health Care system 2.2. Analyse the major active participants in health care systems in the United Kingdom 2.3. Analyse how healthcare system changing demographically, economically, socially, culturally, technologically, politically and legally. 2.4. Analyse the main factors that tend to increase demand for health care 2.5. Evaluate main factors and forces that reduce the demand for health care LO3 Know the marketing planning process for segmentation, targeting and effective positioning in health care industry. 3.1. Evaluate main steps in building a strategic plan for health care organisations 3.2. Critically analyse how SWOT analysis and Five Forces Model enrich the strategic planning process 3.3. Evaluate methods that are used to gather and respond to marketing intelligence on opportunity and threads in health care organisations 3.4. Discuss how organisation analyse the competitor’s strategies, objectives, strengths and weaknesses LO4 Critically investigate process of brand development, designing and managing health care channels and marketing implementation process in health and social care sec-tor 4.1. Evaluate the major steps in effectively developing and launching a new product. 4.2. Analyse main stages of product life cycle and how do they help management to investigate the behaviour of health care products and service over time. 4.3. Evaluate seven steps for setting an initial price for a product or service 4.4. Identify major elements for marketing communication process in health and social care sector 4.5. Evaluate main steps to ensure a successful implementation of the marketing plans and campaigns

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The major areas on health care in which marketing is regularly applied and practiced
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