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Identification of Community Health Problem

Health Problems in Urban Communities
Homework Assignment (15%)
Due Date: 3/29/19; submit one hard copy at the beginning of class (No exception)
Identification of Community Health Problem
This homework assignment is your semester long assignment. As such, you will need to apply
critical thinking, as well as draw upon the concepts presented throughout this course, and
personal experiences.
During this course we will define urban health and discuss the characteristics of an urban
community. We will also discuss how the determinants of health and health disparities impact
health outcomes, and learn about community based approaches that can be applied to develop
programs to address health problems.
Briefly (5 typed pages; font size 12; 1 1/2 space; use appropriate references (excludes 5 pages
writing requirement), answer the following questions in a logical essay format.
Imagine that you are a Project Manager at a Community Based Organization working to improve
urban health in your chosen community.
1. Select and describe an urban community in NYC.
2. Provide some background information about this community, including why the community
that you have chosen is considered urban.
3. Explain why you have chosen this community for your assignment.
4. Identify and describe a health issue that exists in your chosen community. In your narrative
describe the health issue, explain why the selected health issue is a significant health
problem and worth addressing (provide statistics that support your statements).
5. Explain who is most affected by the health issue that you have selected in your selected
community. Also, indicate which groups (i.e. adults, children, the elderly, etc…) of
individuals you will focus on and explain why you have selected this population (provide
statistics that support your statements).
6. Lastly, describe your idea of a program that would help address the identified community
problem (you can be creative with your programmatic idea).
Note: Cite references appropriately in the body of your essay and in the reference section.

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Identification of Community Health Problem
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