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Health Promotion Campaign for the Rohingya Community

Health Promotion Campaign for the Rohingya Community – Healthcare Assignment

Healthcare Assignment

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Health Promotion Campaign for the Rohingya Community
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Health Promotion Campaign for the Rohingya Community who have been migrated to Bangladesh from Myanmar. They are suffering from various health problems. As a Public Health Scientist and Health Promoter, which campaign will you propose to improve their health status? Choose your proposal topic wisely and keep all the following criteria in mind while writing the proposal. The HP campaign must be an innovative and effective one. The proposal must take care of ethical issues. Also, it should have invaluable and convincing points, structure and impactful outcomes so that funds can be achieved easily.


1. Please describe the PEOPLE you aim to create a health promotion campaign/ health activism campaign for. Reflect on their context and culture. Cite evidence

2. What is the health concern your campaign will target? What evidence exists that this is a health concern worthy of spending resources on?

3. What has been tried before for this group of people and/or this health concern?

4. What do you aim to do? This is the intervention – something that aims to empower people to have more control over their health, reduce health inequalities, or address the social determinants of health. It might be that you choose a health education approach, community activism, traditional settings based approach etc. Whatever you choose it is important to reflect on WHY. Please include reflections on methods and theory that might support your work. What evidence is there that this is a useful thing to do?

5. What are some ethical considerations?

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