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Financing healthcare: insurance premiums, tax subsidies, and mandated benefits

Discussion – Financing healthcare and public health insurance • Defend or critique the primary alternative sources of healthcare funding in the United States. Analyze the main effect on the resource owner of one (1) of the following means of financing healthcare: insurance premiums, tax subsidies, and mandated benefits. Provide at least one (1) example which illustrates the selected effect to support your response. • Analyze the key types of policies required for the delivery of a public health insurance program, and hypothesize their main effects on the achievement of social goals overall. Provide at least one (1) example of such effects to support your response. Healthcare in a country is mainly funded by the taxes as well as insurance premiums. Based on experts, it has been clear that the citizens are the principal funders of the cost that comes with proper health care in a country. However, the good news is that the burden can be eased through the premiums as well as taxes. This because the prime reason why the citizens needs to research the cost deeply that they have to meet (Wagstaff& Van Doorslaer, 2000). There is only one disadvantage that may arise even in the face of the availability of insurance premiums to the citizens; this is the fact that they may still have to cope with low-quality health care. The United States health crisis has documented the reduction in health care quality in the country. Insurance ensures that the premium systems have been made to be dependent on the health programs (Wagstaff& Van Doorslaer, 2000). A public health policy is essential for the delivery of a public health insurance program; it allows for there to be introduction of programs that will cover the global citizens. Insurance coverage is essential since it will include each and every individual and will, in turn, be focused on giving the public proper health care services. This will be direct even to the individuals that earn a low income. The public health insurance programs will cover the general public at an affordable cost (Wagstaff& Van Doorslaer, 2000). The American healthcare crisis has been as a result of the decrement of the quality of health care as well as services to its citizens. Healthcare among the people of the nation is crucial and therefore, the public health insurance should struggle to ensure that they improve the coverage of the health insurance premiums. This shall in turn help to enhance the health quality thus assist in achieving the goal of better health care (Wagstaff& Van Doorslaer, 2000). Wagstaff, A., & Van Doorslaer, E. (2000).”Equity in health care finance and delivery. Handbook of health economics, 1, 1803 -1862

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Financing healthcare: insurance premiums, tax subsidies, and mandated benefits
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