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Factors influencing access to health services

HCS 235 Week 1 Complete Discussion 1. Answer Any One 1. Discuss three factors influencing access to health services. Define and explain each factor. 2. How does the use of health services impact a person- health status? Explain. 3. Describe what is meant by 'vulnerable' populations with respect to health care services. Identify one 'vulnerable' population. 4. How does the lack of access to health services impact the health of vulnerable populations? Explain. 5. Why are overall health outcomes in the United States much lower than many other developed countries? Discussion 2. Answer Any One 1. How have political or policy decisions over the years affected the current health services system? 2. As a consumer of health care services, what has been your experience with access, cost or quality? 3. As a health care professional, what role do you envision that will allow you to contribute to betterment of the health care system? Individual Assignment – Perspective on Health Care Questionnaire Resources: Perspective on Health Care Questionnaire on the student website. Complete the Perspective on Health Care Questionnaire that is located on your student website. Some of these questions are related to real-life experiences you have seen or experienced in obtaining health care services for yourself or family members. Health care services can be any aspect along the health care continuum from visits to the doctor or the dentist, clinic visits, and getting blood drawn, to being a patient in a hospital or nursing home. Several questions also focus on your career aspirations within the health care industry. Requirements: Use the Microsoft® Word v.2003 Questionnaire for the assignment. Complete and grammatically correct sentences required. Each question should be answered 75-100 words; correct grammar, punctuation, usage, spelling and definition of all acronyms and abbreviations required. Prepare to discuss your completed responses in Week One; Complete the Certificate of Originality as a separate attachment; Submit assignment as a Microsoft® Word v. 2003 document and Certificate to ‘Assignments’

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Factors influencing access to health services
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