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Describe the information the organization offers as general health care.

HCS 235 Week 4 Complete Discussion 1. Name of video selected (include citation and reference) and why selected; Summary of the video as to key points, focus and purpose of video; Identify one key factor related to health care finance or economics you learned from viewing the video. Explain how the factor might impact health insurance, users of health care services, or providers of health care services or other. Discussion 2. According to the Wilensky article, what percentage of the United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been for health care spending? What factors does the Wilensky article identify as a driving force behind the rise in GDP related to health care? Why does the Wilensky article say there is “Reason for Hope” (2008, page 37)? What are two of the specific actions the Wilensky article mentions that today's health care stakeholders must take to address the trends in rising health care costs? Individual Assignment – Web Review The World Wide Web (WWW) web has become a vital aspect of health care. As such, the Internet has become a place to research diseases and medications, as well as components of the health care continuum. Many web sites are used to provide information about their services, physician referrals, and community outreach information. Resources: Review the Web Review on the student website and or The purpose of the review is to provide a way for students to become familiar with reviewing a health care website. This is an example only and not the website for use with the individual assignment. Select a health care delivery system provider from your local area. You can refer back to the companies, organizations, or associations identified in Weeks Two or Three- individual assignments and research the information available on the selected organization- web site. For example • Assisted Living • Behavioral Health • Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) • Compliance • Durable Medical Equipment • Epidemiology such as Medical Laboratory • Health Information Systems • Insurance (Health) • Long-term Care • Managed Care • Medicare • Medicaid • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing or Distribution • School Health • Public Health Department • Utilization Review Company Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word academic paper in APA 6th edition format using Microsoft® Word v. 2003 to describe each of the following about your selected provider. The assignment must included each of the following: • Title page • Formal Introduction • Identity: Name of agency and website information including an active web link to the website • Services: Based on the information, summarize the services provided by the organization. • Continuum of Care: How does this agency and its services fit in the continuum of care? • Identify resource options provided by the website. • Community Information: What community information is provided by the website? • Describe the programs offered; • Describe the information the organization offers as general health care.) • Understanding Community Services: How was this web site helpful in providing a better understanding of the services available in the student- local community? Explain. • Individual Health Care Needs: How might individual health care consumers use the web site to address health care needs? • Conclusion • References: A minimum of three references are required. Requirements: Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Complete and grammatically correct sentences required. Any direct quotes must be properly cited and formatted according to APA 6th edition. Complete the Certificate of Originality Submit assignment and Certificate to ‘Assignments’

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Describe the information the organization offers as general health care.
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