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Cases of Adolescent Bacterial Meningitis Nursing Questions

Cases of Adolescent Bacterial Meningitis Nursing Questions

1. Identify the most common pathogen(s) implicated in cases of adolescent bacterial meningitis 2. Identify risk factors for the development of bacterial meningitis in an adolescent 3. Identify presenting signs & symptoms of bacterial meningitis in an adolescent 4. Which diagnostic tests are indicated for the adolescent with suspected bacterial meningitis? 5. What nursing interventions will reduce intracranial pressure (ICP)? 6. What type of isolation is indicated for patients with suspected bacterial meningitis? 7. Identify primary preventative strategies to decrease the incidence of meningitis among adolescents 8. Select 3 nursing diagnoses that pertain to bacterial meningitis in an adolescent 9. What are the late effects of meningitis? 10. How can the close contacts of patients with meningitis reduce their own risk for contracting the disease? 11. Identify the three stages of septic shock and briefly describe each. 12. Identify 5 signs and symptoms of respiratory distress in infants 13. Oxygen therapy-review concepts of oxygen therapy and administration in the pediatric population. a. What device would you use to deliver oxygen at the following concentrations i. 2 Liters_________________ ii. 35%___________________ iii. 100%__________________ b. Besides these devices, what other equipment do you need to administer oxygen? 14. Medications in respiratory distress a. Identify the classification, mechanism of action, dosage range for inhaled administration, and side effects of albuterol. The patient weighs 8.2kg. 15. Review the implications of hydration in respiratory distress a. How does respiratory distress affect hydration in an infant? b. What is the minimum acceptable hourly output for an 8.2kg infant c. Identify 2 strategies to promote PO intake in an infant with respiratory distress. 16. Prior to arrival to the simulation experience, it is the student’s responsibility to review the Mosby Skill for “pediatric nebulizer”. This skill will be utilized during the simulation.

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Cases of Adolescent Bacterial Meningitis Nursing Questions
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