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Universal Health Care

Hi, I need help with essay on Universal Health Care: Pros and Cons. Paper must be at least 3500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The system viewed as ideal by many governments and people is the universal health care because a person can seek medical help anytime and from any health care provider. In this manner, everyone would have a quality health status and quality life. It is managed by a single health care administrator instead of several health insurance firms. The administrator will handle all the paper works. While the hospitals and doctors will be independent under this scheme, the patients will be free to choose the physician or health care facility to seek medical help. Moreover, other services, which Medicare does not cover, can be availed by the patient under the universal health care. It provides coverage to many medically necessary care such as hospital care, mental health services, medical prescription, doctor’s visits, home care nursing and rehabilitation, and eye and dental care. Providing a holistic health care coverage would make the people healthier and more productive. Thus, many developed countries apply this scheme, such as Canada, Russia, Germany, Britain, and part of South America. The US and South Africa are the only two industrialized nations that do not have a universal health care system.

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Universal Health Care
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