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Quantitative Research Worksheet

Quantitative Research Worksheet

Quantitative Research Worksheet – TEMPLATE Based on readings from the semester, answer the following questions. Please note this worksheet assignment will be a helpful reference. You may answer (at minimum but appropriately) in brief statements or include additional notes you may find helpful. PLEASE use this template to add your answers and save as a word document (include your last name in the subject title when saving the document). – Please list references used. Name: 1. How would you define the following? a. Time a.i. Retrospective: a.ii. Prospective: a.iii. Longitudinal: a.iv. Cross-sectional: b. Location b.i. Laboratory: b.ii. Field: c. Purpose c.i. Basic: c.ii. Applied: d. Reasoning d.i. Inductive: d.ii. Deductive: e. Phenomenon: e.i. Example of a process: e.ii. Example in context: 2. Quantitative research is judged “good” considering the measures listed below. Define the measures listed and include threats to achieving the highest possible standard. a. Validity a.i. Content: a.ii. Internal: a.iii. External: b. Reliability b.i. Internal consistency: RAR_SU19 b.ii. Interrater reliability: c. Statistical Conclusion: d. Statistical Power: 3. Compare statistical significance vs. clinical significance a. Statistical significance: b. Clinical significance: 4. Please define: a. Hypothesis: a.i. Type I error: a.ii. Type II error: b. Thesis statement: 5. Definition of variables a. Independent variable: b. Dependent variable: c. Label the independent variable and the dependent variable in the following: c.i. Do men have better NCLEX test scores than women? c.i.1. Independent: c.i.2. Dependent: c.ii. Does depression have an impact on development of pressure ulcers? c.ii.1. Independent: c.ii.2. Dependent: c.iii. Are patient outcomes better with team nursing or primary nursing? 6. c.iii.1. Independent: c.iii.2. Dependent: How would you define: a. Descriptive Research: b. Correlational Research: c. Experimental Research: d. Quasi- Experimental Research: e. Cohort Research Design: RAR_SU19 f. Case –Control Research Design g. Exploratory Research Design: h. Explanatory Research Design: 7. The research question determines the type of research that should be conducted. Match the research question with the quantitative design. Designs: A. Descriptive B. Correlational C. Quasi and Experimental ______ What is the relationship between nurse-patient ratios and LOS in hip replacement patients? ______ What is the effect of preoperative exercises on LOS in hip replacement patients? ______ What are the characteristics of hip replacement patients who have prolonged LOS? P l e a s e l i s t r e f e r e n c e s u s e RAR_SU19 Grading Rubric for Worksheets/Select Assignments (75 Point Scale) Content ➢ 35 Poor Weak application of concepts, models, and theory. Organization ➢ 10 Poor Unclear overview, few organizational cues, disorganized, ideas are difficult to follow Presentation ➢ 7 Poor Poor spelling and grammar; frequent typographical errors; uses abbreviated web-based language more than once 35-40 Weak Inconsistent application of concepts, models, and theory. Addressed most items on worksheet 10-12 Weak Fair overview, fair transition of thought 7-8 Weak Fair spelling and grammar; some typographical errors; neglects to cite sources (if applicable) 40- 45 Good Appropriate application of concepts, models, and theory. Addressed items on worksheet 12-14 Good Clear statements, good organization, good transition of thought 8-9 Good Sentence structure, grammar, citation (if applicable), and punctuation are good; some minor spelling errors; few or no grammatical errors 45-50 Excellent Well thought out. Higher level of application of concepts, models, and theory. Thoroughly addressed and completed all items on the worksheet. 14-15 Excellent Clear statements, examples, logical; transition of thought, well-organized, and easy to follow 9-10Excellent Excellent sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation; no spelling errors; excellent citations(if applicable); (APA format) 2019_RR

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Quantitative Research Worksheet
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