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HCAP Scores/Quality Improvement Project

HCAP Scores/Quality Improvement Project

HCAP Scores/ Quality Improvement Project instructions:

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HCAP Scores/Quality Improvement Project
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HCAP Scores- Describe why the HCAP Scores are vital for organizations in today’s economy. What change you would like to institute in your facility and how would you plan the change? Describe the current situation in your facility and why there should be a change. Support the need for the change using evidence-based research.

Please use Hcap scores dealing with patients who reported that their nurses communicated well.

I would like you to talk about improvement of nurse communication with patients.

current situation we are at 73% which is under Florida average of 76% and under national average 80%. Please use 2 references with in 7 years and cite apa format 6th edition. Please fill out RACI model template. A example completed template has been submitted to show flow. I am RN in operating room.…

Using the RACI model (template below), describe how it will be planned and implemented. You will NOT implement the policy change but describe, using the action plan model, how you would go about the change you propose.

Don’t forget to include yourself in the appropriate RACI category. YOU are the person creating the plan for change so YOU must appear in the plan. Create realistic timelines for completion of action steps.


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