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Ethical and Legal implications of Staff Morale Problems

Write 2 page essay on the topic Ethical and Legal implications of Staff Morale Problems.But on top of all the factors mentioned, the legal implementation encompasses all these concerns would define the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care system in general which encompasses all health care organizations.Let us cite the implementation of the national health insurance plan. According to Wallis (2009), the physical health and well-being of the people in the country has been in a “proxy battle in partisan politics.” The American Medical Association (AMA) was accused of violating ethic s rules after they have has spent $200 million dollars as part of Truman’s national health insurance plan. The AMA had their doctors lobby their patients to oppose the legislation. This situation is somewhat similar during what happened in the 1970’s, when Nixon tried to pass a national health insurance plan. The liberal democrats and unions, thinking that they can pass something after the mid-term elections for their own political credit, had successfully defeated the proposed insurance plan. The interests of the health care industry had aroused debate among parties and have threatened the chance for a public dialogue about what could be best for the current health care system. The pursuit for a good quality health care system has not been truly honest and sincere and has been covered by half-truths and misinformation.Wallis mentioned that the “quality and affordable full access to health care.” He stated in his report that approximately around 46 million people in the country are not insured and does not have adequate coverage for medical needs. This is also directly related to last issue Wallis has identified, which is the rising cost due to medical bills which may result to the health care institution’s bankruptcy. Also, the economic downturn has required health care organizations to downsize and reduce employee benefits. The

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Ethical and Legal implications of Staff Morale Problems
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