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Academy of Healing Arts Massage and Facial Skin Care Ethical Dilemma in Nursing

Academy of Healing Arts Massage and Facial Skin Care Ethical Dilemma in Nursing

{This assignment is a formally written paper and is in APA format, 6th edition. A minimum of three professional references that’s not older than 6 years. You may use internet sites but they will not be counted as a professional citation. Please use the headings of each section of the rubric to outline your paper. The paper should be 3 pages of text. Title page/references are NOT included in this count.}

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Academy of Healing Arts Massage and Facial Skin Care Ethical Dilemma in Nursing
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My topic will be ( Informed consent ) and i put some main points that could help you in writing this paper but you don’t need to follow all of my points but please be clear that you are identifying an ethical dilemma–and how it relates to nursing practice.

First: introduction to the informed consent with an explanation about the goal of it.

Second: how the nurse should deal with the informed consent and how nurses must be collaborative between physicians and patients.

Third: addressing any concerns related to the informed consent and any clinical prognosis which is ca common ethical concern of nurses.

Fourth: what steps should the nurse follow in the process of informed consent and what kind of environment should be provided.

Fifth: Although families often choose to withhold truthful information, should the nurse tell the truth to the patient regarding medical conditions, proposed treatments, and medications or medical procedures.

Sixth: what must nurses need to put in consideration regarding patient interest and how to balance it against wishes, beliefs and values of family.

Note: this is the rubric for the paper

Ethics Final Paper–Evaluation Rubric

Possible Score

Your Score

Introduction:Summary of what is known about the ethical issue


Ethical Dimensions of the Issue Identified and Discussed (why is this an ethical issue)


Relevance of the Ethical Issue to Health Professions/Nursing


Relevant Ethical Analysis (Principles, Ethical Theories, Laws, and Standards of Practice)


Personal Professional Response to the Issue


Conclusion: Reflection of What you Learned


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar—pdf. version of paper NOT permitted


Clarity and Organization – Rubric Headings utilized


Correct APA Style


Correct Length 3 pages of text, PLUS title page and references


Minimum of 3 professional references (in addition to the textbook and excluding internet sites) textbook must be a reference





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