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Social health needs

A global assessment of health with an emphasis on functional abilities required for the performance of daily tasks. The 1996-97 National PopulationHealth Survey measured functional health with the Comprehensive Health Status Measurement System developed at McMaster University. The ComprehensiveHealth Status Measurement System combines a description and a valuation of health to give a score ranging from 0 (death) to 1 (perfect health). A score of 0.80 or greater is defined as very good health.A hierarchy is a way of putting things in order of importance. Holistic is a definition of health and well-being is the combination of physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors.

Physical aspects of health and well-beingWe need physical needs to keep our bodies working as well as they can. Everyone has got different bodies and unique but there are certain physical needs that we all have e.g. food , water, shelter, warmth, clothing, rest, exercises and personal hygiene. .Therefore, we keep our bodies active if only we do these things above. It keeps our bodies health most of the time. These are things that everyone had or should have in life. Shelter we need good environment to keep ourselves healthier.Warmth we need to keep ourselves warm so that we wont be able to catch any diseases like coughing because of cold.

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Social health needs
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Clothing we need to keep ourselves warm and you cant walk without wearing clothes so clothes its important to our health because it keeps us warm , being able to walk around protected.Exercises we should do exercises to keep our body active so that you will not become obese.Food we need to eat because you cant live without eating, you wont be able to grow physically, and if you don’t eat proper food you can affect your health. Food can give you energy so that you can be able to keep your body active.Water we need water to keep energy in our body. We should drink 2 1/2 litres of water per day so that we can have more blood in our body.Intellectual aspects of health and well-being

Intellectual needs are all the needs we have that we use everyday of our lives, which develops, and keep our brains working as well as possible. They include mental stimulation, education and employment.I think our brains are most important part of the body it makes you active all the time. It makes you think what to do on that time. It can make you happy, smile.I think you cannot survive without brain because you will not be able to do anything because for you to take a movement you have to think first. Without brain, I think you will be just sitting doing nothing. I think to do something you have to first use your mind on what you need to do.

Brain is the most important part of your body because it tells you what to do then you take a movement after you think first. So if you we do not have enough to keep our minds active we become bored or fed up.Physical health needsWhat I think you should need your health to keep you physical fit of health isFeeling health, you need to look active don’t look like you are stressed or sad because you will not be feeling healthGood appetite you have to enjoy eating health food every time to keep your body health and more energy.Body working well you should go for check ups to see if all parts of your body is working properlyPlenty of energy keeps your body with lots of energy so that you can stay active most of the time and so that you will not be able to look tired, sleepy and stressed.

Able to run for the bus, do more exercises e.g. Jogging, go to gym.Shine hair concern more about your personal hygiene.Intellectual health needsActive brains keep your mind active all the time. You can do things like reading books, magazines, newspapersKeep interested should be interesting in things. Look interested most of the time, being confident.Not being bored keep yourself active, if you keep yourself active, you will keep your mind busy. If you are busy, you will not get bored.Feeling motivatedGetting involved in stimulating. To find things that can keep your mind busy and active all the time e.g. reading catching television or to go for a walk.Mental stimulation means something that produces an increase in activity in your brain and helps your brain to develop.

You can improve your intellectual development health by reading magazines, newspapers.You have to keep learning although you are old. Others says that people who use their brains regularly they are more likely to keep their wits about them for longer , as well they live longer and have more fulfilling lives.Emotional aspects of healthEmotional needs are those that make us feel happy and relaxed such as being loved, respected and secure.

As individuals, we need to be able to feel, express and recognise different emotions in order to cope with different situations.Social aspects of health and well-being.Social needs are those that enable us to build and enjoy good relationships and friendships. These includes to be with others or to mix with other people and the environment.Emotional health needsNot too much stress you should be able to relax more and find things that can entertain you. Always get enough sleep, enough rest, and be a sociable person.

Understanding ourselves try to do what you want to do. To know what you need on yourself what you like.Copying with life to try your best to live normal life with others. To copy your life easily I think you need to have these things communication health diet enough rest enough sleep always entertain yourself good relationship with friends, neighbours, husbands or wives and your family.Feeling happy and contented always feel happy do not feel stressed because if you are stressed that is where you get bored.Good relationships you need to have good relationships wherever you are. Weather you at home you need to have good relationship with your family, friends relatives, your husband if you are married or your wife, your neighbours and people around you.

Social health needs

Mixing with others, you need to know different types of ethnics you need to use to co-pirate with different types of people all the time so that if you move to live somewhere else you will see it easy to start to copy with new people.Having friends everyone need a friend. A friend can help you in so many different things all the time. If you do not have friends, you are not a sociable person and you will not be able to manage to copy with other people or to mix with different ethnics. If you need to be happy, you need friends sometimes and people makes you talk look happy all the time.

Getting well with others if you a human being you need to copy well with others all the time. You need to get well with your neighbours especially because if you the enemy of your neighbours you wont be able to get well with people around you. Even you are friends you should be able to get well with your friends so that you will stick together and your family.Enjoy meeting people you should enjoy meeting new people. I think it helps you used to know more people and to have more friends if you are looking for friend. It helps also to get to mix with people with different cultures.

You will be able to know more about different types of culturesKeep friends it is important for you to keep your friends all the time because they can help you in different ways. They will comfort you; they can cheer you up if you are feeling down. And to give you advice if you need advice of they need to correct you if you did something wrongSocial health is important in our society especially behaving and responding to other people in a way that is acceptable to other people.

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