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Research Methods and Critical Thinking Skills

Unit 3 Assignment

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

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Research Methods and Critical Thinking Skills
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  • Describe research methodologies used in health science to collect new data on issues and trends in health science.
  • Discuss ethical principles that must be maintained in scientific studies related to health issues or trends.

Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

HS499-2: Research Methods and Critical Thinking Skills: Demonstrate competency in medical research and inquiry using scientific methods and laboratory skills for critical thinking and problem solving in health care settings.


  • Choose a subject in health care that is of interest to you. Examples might include health behaviors, epidemiology, health information, wellness activities, etc.
  • Research a possible issue or problem within this area of health care.
  • Form a hypothesis for how to solve the issue or problem you have identified and use the scientific method to create and test your hypothesis.
  • Create charts, graphs or maps to illustrate the data from your research.
  • Using critical thinking and problem solving skills, how can health science professionals be successful in improving this problem?


  • The paper should be at least 975 words in length

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