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Municipal Public Health and Well Being Plans

SH 703 Assessment task 1

Municipal Public Health and Well Being Plans: mapping the determinants of health

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Municipal Public Health and Well Being Plans
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Commonly asked questions

1. Which priority health issue should I focus on in my MPHWP, there seem to be several health issues in each priority area?

It doesn’t matter which priority health issue you choose as long as you specify in your introduction what your focus will be. Each MPHWP has its own unique way of stating its priority health issues. Some specify a combination of related health issues (for example: reduction in alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use). Some priority health issues identify desired outcomes rather than specify health issues/behaviours of concern (for example: increase physical activity).

In order to focus your report it is recommended you choose ONE health issue/behaviour of concern from your chosen MPHWP (ie a negative health outcome/issue rather than a desired outcome or range of negative behaviours). Specify in your introduction the negative health outcome/issue you have chosen and its context within the MPHWP. Some examples are:

Geelong MPHWP:

o Overweight and obesity p. 40

o Diabetes p. 46

o Physical inactivity p.46

o Food insecurity (lack of access to affordable, accessible nutritious food) p.40

o Coronary heart diseases p.46, p.52

o Depression and mental health issues p.52

o Social inclusion/exclusion p.51

o Harm from alcohol use p.58

o Illicit drug use or abuse of prescription drugs p.58

o Tobacco use p.64

Cardinia MPHWP p. 5 and p.11

o Tobacco use

o Harm from alcohol use

o Mental Health/psychological distress

o Immunisation

o Family violence

o Illicit drug use

o Overweight and obesity

o Social inclusion

o Physical inactivity

Dandenong MPHWP

o Oral health p. 26

o Family violence p.24, p.32, p.34, p.36

o Mental health p.24

o Social inclusion/exclusion p.28, p.44

o Physical inactivity

o Female circumcision p.30

o Harm from alcohol use p.34

o Immunisation p.42

o Problem gambling p.46

o Extreme weather event health impacts (eg heat waves) p.48

o Food insecurity (lack of access to affordable, accessible nutritious food) p.40

2. Do I need an introduction and conclusion?

Yes you first need to set up your written assignment in terms of what you will discuss and then conclude your discussion.

3. Do I need to reference?

Yes, using appropriate academic sources (for eg: peer reviewed journals, academic texts and chapters, government reports, and reputable websites -NOT Better Health Channel) and referencing is part of the assignment and you will get marked on this. For this assignment you need to use Harvard referencing. Use page numbers for direct quotes (as well as source/author). You will be paraphrasing when presenting the statistical and demographic data, so page numbers are not required, just the source/author.

You need to include your MPHWP, Vic PHWP, Department of Health Having Regard to Climate Change and other specified references in your Reference List.

The correct citation for the Victorian MPHWP is:

Department of Health 2011, Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2011–2015, State Government of Victoria, Melbourne.

4. What if I go over the word count of 2000 words?

Adhering to the word count is part of the assignment requirements, however there is the +/-10% rule which means you can be either 10% under or 10% over the word count to adequately address the criteria.

5. Do you count the headings/subheadings/references (in text and the reference list) and content in a Table in the word count?

No these words are not counted in the word count.

6. Can I use the MPHWP as a reference?

Yes you can use your chosen MPHWP as a reference source but you need to also reference other academic and government reports.

7. What is the maximum/minimum number of references expected for a 2000 word report?

You are expected to reference between 15-20 references (in addition to your MPHWP) for a 2000 word report.

6. Where do I submit?

All assignments are submitted electronically via Cloud Deakin

8. What are the presentation requirements?

All assignments should be 12 point font and 1.5 spaced with the default page margins. Assignments also need to include the word count and page numbers.

9. What will I be marked on?

There will be a marking guidelines on Cloud Deakin – please consult this to assist in the preparation of your assignment.

9. Do I need a cover sheet for my assignment?

No cover sheet needed. As you are all submitting online via CloudDeakin (both on and off campus students) your assignment will be attached to your name.

10. Can I use headings and subheadings for this assignment?

Yes headings and subheadings add clarity to the assignment structure and ensure you address the assessment criteria. There may be overlap between the sections (it is the nature of this unit as we explore determinants of health) so make sure you specify in your introduction what you will be addressing in the assessment task. How you structure your AT1 will depend on the health issue, population group etc., again make it clear to the reader/marker how and where you have addressed the criteria points.

11. Which population group does the assignment refer to?

In terms of population groups you may discuss this at a broad level in the statistics/outlining the issue section, but then have a more focused section specific to the region you are looking at.

12. How do I apply for extensions of time and/or special consideration?

Where possible you need to submit an email with an application for an extension PRIOR to the submission date. Illness and other extenuating circumstances will be considered for assignment extension of time.

Please refer to Unit Guide p. 10 for Faculty extension policy, penalties for late submission without approved extension and special consideration website links.

Useful sites/resources:

Victorian Population Health surveys:

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Victorian Health Promotion – VicHealth

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