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Health Status of Native Hawaiians

Health Status of Native Hawaiians
Health Status of Native Hawaiians
The population of native Hawaiians have been descended from the communities of
Polynesian that were the ones exploring the islands of Pacific Ocean. Even when the
Westerners arrives by the end of 18th century, there had been a healthy stability in the
population of Hawaii that was around 800,000 to 1 million (Kaplan & Opie, 2006). However,
with the passage of the century, there had been a decline in the population by 20 per cent
because of increase in the number of death due to reasons such as diseases and issues related
to health.
Barriers to Health
There are several barriers to health that effect the mortality rate of the population of
Hawaiians. These barriers are in context with lack of education, differences in culture, socio-
politics, and socioeconomics. The facilities of health care are not considered to be affordable
for the population. In addition to this, there is lack of education in context with certain
primary and basic health care recommendation. Racial discrimination had also been a major
problem while seeking medical health facilities that affected the perception of the Native
Hawaiians becoming negative while seeking these facilities. There is lack of knowledge
regarding appropriate diet that increases the risk of high cholesterol and heart diseases.
Current Health Status
The population of Native Hawaiians have the highest rates of death in comparison
with all of the other groups and their population living in Hawaii. It is hard for characterizing
the health status achieved and being followed by the population of Native Hawaiians.
However, when there is disaggregation in the pure population of Native Hawaiians from the
part population of Native Hawaiians, pure population of the Native Hawaiians have a
tremendously higher rate of mortality in comparison with all of the other groups (Mau &
Gomes, 2010). This factor of change can be considered for majority of the diseases in which
there is availability by part or pure health status of the population of Hawaii.
Defining Health Promotion
In the general context, Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians have been bearing a
higher degree of prevalence in a disproportionate manner regarding a number of conditions in
chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. In a collective manner,
these are referred to as the cardiometabolic disorders or diseases. The population of Native
Hawaiians not only have increased rate of death due to heart diseases and diabetes, but also
due to cancer and several other resulted reasons for the occurrence of death in comparison
with the entire population of the State (Mau & Gomes, 2010). The health disparities have
been profiled as well amongst the population of Native Hawaiians as it shows that there have
been a number of different risk factors related to mortality and morbidity in different sub-
regions and there is identification of sub-regions that involve higher ratio amongst the
population of Native Hawaiians.
Health Disparities
The health problems of hypertension and Asthma seem to be afflicting the homeless
population of Native Hawaiians much more in comparison with the rest of the population that
are homeless. Asthma occurs more often amongst the population of adults and young ones
and majority of the families of Native Hawaiians have a history related to asthma (Park et al.,
2004). There is a support of higher prevalence of the disease of Asthma amongst the
homeless population of Native Hawaii as found by the database of clinic and it has also been
found that majority of the patients visiting the clinic have problems of hypertension, URI and
asthma. This database is higher in comparison with what is being established amongst the
general population.
The health problem of Hypertension has also been seen at a higher rate in majority of
the common medical issues related to chronic diseases in Native Hawaiians mainly including
the population of homeless (Mau & Gomes, 2010). This is more or less the same in case of
population of homeless that are non- native Hawaiians. However, as same in the case of
Asthma, it has been found that for being more prevalent amongst the homeless population of
native Hawaiians in comparison with other different ethnicities as well. In an interesting
manner, the population of Native Hawaiians had not been reporting their history followed by
hypertension, but had been having high rate of prevalence in the duration of visiting the
This can also be considered as the cause for a less per cent age being held (Johnson et
al., 2004). As hypertension is disease that silently penetrates and as most of the homeless
population do not seek on the medical care on routine basis. There have been speculation that
in majority of the homeless population with the disease of hypertension, diagnosis cannot be
Health Promotion Prevention: Pro-active Approach
For the implementation of health promotion prevention, there can be utilization of a
pro-active approach. In this approach, at the primary level, there shall be a meaning
provided to the prevention and public health. The current condition and prevention strategies
shall be discussed for identifying the scope of improvement. At the secondary level, the
current practice and strategies shall be evaluated based on their quality and adequacy of
results (Kaplan & Opie, 2006). The tertiary level will be involving the final changes to be
made or the new strategy to be implemented in context with the target population. This
particular approach shall assist in identifying the main focus and help in developing an
appropriate base in the same context for the reduction of barriers and hence, the most
appropriate choice.
While the diabetes prevails in the general population of Native Hawaii at a higher rate
in comparison with other ethnicities, it has been found for showing increased prevalence in
the homeless population of Native Hawaiians. However, even though there is scattered data
in relation of diet charts of homeless, it has been identified in a fair manner that poverty is
related with both, poor diets as well as obesity.

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Health Status of Native Hawaiians
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