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Health care reform

PDR-235164 Health care reform to address access Summarize one or more key aspects of the federal health reform legislation enacted in 2010 that relate to improving access to health care. What do you see as the basic values that underlie this approach to solving the access to care problem? Do these values align with specific political perspectives? If you were a policy maker (or could influence policy makers) working on expanding access to care, what do you think would be the main approach you would use? Why? Does the health care reform plan feature this approach? Do you think it is possible to increase access while promoting quality and safety, and containing costs? If so, how? Does the 2010 health reform legislation outline guidelines or provisions for doing so? Reference Teitelbaum, J.B. & Wilensky, S.E. (2013). Essentials of health policy and law. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Chp. 4 & Chp. 9 other articles for the reference: 2 pages, 3 APA 

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Health care reform
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