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Health Care Delivery Systems

Write 2 page essay on the topic Health Care Delivery Systems.Case in point is that the organization of personnel and the institutional set up have various arrangements based on how services are delivered.There are a number of factors that are supposed to be considered in a delivery system. Case in point is that the heath systems should be based on the interrelations between the various components. The personnel and the clients must have a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding only to the extent to which health care services are provided. The essence of providing services to the people is to ensure that the needs and expectations of the people are met as appropriate (Kongstvedt, 2013). Healthcare delivery systems, medical practitioners have a sole responsibility of ensuring that the people receive the services that are commensurate with their needs. Health systems are defined by the functions and the services provided. Medical and public health have a distinction in the services provided.Funding of health care systems is of fundamental importance in the sense that without resources, it is not possible to effect delivery of services. There are five levels in which financial resources can be explained in so far as health care services are concerned (Pol & Thomas, 2002). Healthcare, social and taxations are the key areas through which the institutions are funded. Donations and private contributions are other sources of funding health care systems. Funding of health care systems is essential in the sense that it provides a basis for meeting the expenses of the institution and delivery of services. Individuals, who seek services from health care systems are bound by the rules and regulations to part with a certain amount for the services offered. Individuals pay for services based on the central negotiations or as set by the medical practitioners (Wolper, 2011). To this end, it is important to note that the financial muscle of an organization

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Health Care Delivery Systems
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