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Explain Cancer is considered by many a primarily genetic disease

Advanced Perspective on Health Promotion

An Advanced Perspective on Health Promotion

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Explain Cancer is considered by many a primarily genetic disease
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An Overview of Health Promotion

Health care in the United States (US) has been historically based primarily on a medical model, which focused on treatment of disease and a narrow definition of health as the absence of disease. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) holistic concept of health incorporated efforts to support healthy lifestyle, promote well-being and build health public policy. This broader more holistic view of health was accompanied by expanded efforts in both personal and public health promotion (Clemen-Stone, McGuire, & Eigsti, 2002).

The inclusion of health care disciplines, organizations, systems, and practitioners who collaborate in the utilization of health promotion models is an essential ingredient to provide health education programs which increase awareness and knowledge, affect attitudes and motivation, and ultimately change health behavior. An interdisciplinary approach to health care, and continuing the nation’s primary prevention agenda through health education and health promotion activities, can influence individual behavior and also address the health of communities. With a growing recognition of the complex interaction between social, economic, and political factors, which influence health efforts are now focused on the context in which individual health behavior occurs (Clemen-Stone et al., 2002).View less »Feb 07 2019 11:53 PM

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Political Activity

            As the pendulum continues to swing toward preventive care, this writer would like to become actively involved with the political action committee of the Illinois Hospital Association (IHA).  Health care issues are at the forefront of both national and state political agendas.  IHA is a voice for Illinois hospitals and provides a perspective to legislators in decisions which affect Illinois hospitals.  By becoming active with IHA’s political action committee, a meaningful voice can be influential in the outcome of critical decisions (Together We Can Make a Difference, 2010).

            The legislative decisions of our elected officials greatly influence the manner in which Illinois hospitals are able to deliver quality, cost-effective health care to our communities.  Political action committees are a public and open means of participating in the democratic process.  The fundamental purpose of the IHA political action committee is to provide a tool to complement Illinois advocacy efforts.  The practice of health care professionals is affected by a wide variety of policies established at the federal and state levels (Together We Can Make a Difference, 2010).

Comparison of Initial Perception of Health Promotion

Initially this writer felt health promotion and prevention occurred in response to pressing needs of communities and was dictated by local and perhaps state levels.  During this course, this writer now realizes there are many kinds of organizations and types of ownership which characterizes a typical community health system, and are far reaching, often globally dictated, in response to community needs (Dreher, Shapiro, &Asselin, 2006).  This writer was unaware of the many objectives and processes to meet these objectives, set forth by governmental organizations, such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Initially this writer felt the organizations, which made efforts to impact behavioral change were really the only one’s who could influence policies toward change.  Utilizing the extensive research this course has provided, this writer now realizes federally mandated planning agencies have been established to assure pressing needs are not ignored and each of us has an active voice in mandating plans for…SOLUTION.PDF

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