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Ethnic minority underrepresentation in clinical trials

Applying a Model to Develop an Intervention

In this assignment you will examine a major model used to develop intervention programs.
My assigned Model is (*The Intervention Mapping Model).

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Ethnic minority underrepresentation in clinical trials
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To prepare for this Discussion, imagine that you are a health educator or other health professional that is planning a prevention program that relates to
The Healthy people assigned focus area you were assigned at the start of the term
(My assigned focus is, * Environmental Health).
The Assignment: 1-page, Your goal is to develop a program that reduces the incidence of the disease and decreases the risk factors associated with the disease.
Review the literature (e.g. weekly readings, articles from the library, credible websites, etc.) to discover how other organizations have developed
programs related to this particular Healthy People assigned focus area. Have they used a planning model in their program design?
If so, which model? Write your responses to the Discussion based on the course requirements.

Note: No Plagiarism, APA style format and must cited with references, do not include references as part of a full page. Assignment will
be graded according to detail for maximum score by Professor. Thank you

Text: Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health

Chapter 13, “Planning Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs”
This chapter focuses on the models often used to guide the development intervention programs. It also explores
The various settings where health promotion and disease prevention programs are implemented.

Chapter 14, “Community-Based Approaches to Health Promotion”
There are a variety of community-based intervention programs throughout the country. Some people believe that community-level interventions have the greatest potential for challenging health disparities.
This chapter discusses the benefits and challenges of creating health promotion

Article: Hussain-Gambles, M. (2003). Ethnic minority underrepresentation in clinical trials: Whose responsibility is it anyway?

This article explores the fact that ethnic minorities are often under-represented in clinical trials and proposes
how this fact can be reversed or improved.

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