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Effects of Climate Change on Human Health

Capstone Project: Week 3 Milestone—Mini Literature Review Literature reviews form the foundation for every academic product—from a paper for a course, to a paper for a publication in a journal. This week, you will begin writing a 3- to 4-page Mini Literature Review. Note: You are not required to submit your draft this week. You will submit your draft next week. However, your bibliography is dueby Day 4 of this week. To prepare for this Capstone Project: Locate and review 6–10 scholarly resources on your chosen topic from the Walden Library databases. (CINAHL is a good choice.) Remember, these should be timely resources (within the last 5–6 years). Create a bibliography (in APA format) of the resources you have found. To see an example of a bibliography in proper APA format, refer to the last page of the example mini literature review by Kubin located in your Week 2 Resources. Submit your bibliography no later than Day 4 of this week. Review the bibliography you submitted this week and select 6–8 resources for your Mini Literature Review. Review the sample mini literature review (by Kubin) in your Learning Resources as a guide for writing your Mini Literature Review. Review the Capstone Project Guide (located in the Program of Study button). To complete the next step in this Capstone Project, begin writing the first draft of your 3- to 4-page Mini Literature Review. Your draft should include the following: A brief introduction that provides information about the scope and nature of the issue, at least 5–6 body paragraphs that provide sufficient detail, and a conclusion. Your paper should evidence the 6–8 resources from the bibliography submitted this week. You should include both parenthetical (in-text citations) as well as your references at the end of the document (i.e., your bibliography sources that apply) in proper APA format.. Use the Capstone Project Guide to develop the subtopics of this Mini Literature Review which form the body paragraphs of your Mini Literature Review. For example, in the introduction, you can provide epidemiological and statistical data about your issue. You can also discuss how this issue transcends borders, etc. By organizing your Mini Literature Review using the Capstone Guide, you will be better prepared to create your narrated Capstone Project Presentation in Powerpoint for uploading to the Week 5 Capstone Project Discussion Forum. Please refer to the Kaltura Media Uploader page located in the course navigation menu for more information about using Kaltura to create a narrated presentation. Summarize and analyze these resources. Paraphrase them in your own words. List the key arguments and findings, describing how you think they apply to your topic, and what the implications of the findings may be for your Capstone Project. Note: It’s best to create an outline prior to writing your paper to assist you with organization. In addition, tutors from the Writing Center can also help you create a thesis statement, organize your paper, and give you tips for using your resources, using APA, formatting your paper, and writing effective conclusions. Since you have time, you may plan to submit your draft to the Writing Center before the deadline in Week 4. Don’t forget to run your draft through Turnitin. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and your additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct. This is the topic we be work on Effects of ClimateChange on Human Health It is nowevident without doubt that climate change is here with us. Climate change is aglobal challenge, characterized by harsh environmental conditions. It is evidentin the case where there has been frequent increase in temperature, increaseddesertification, cases of erratic rainfall and floods in some areas, and hurricanesexperienced in most countries (World HealthOrganization, 2015). Human beings desire a conducive environment tothrive well. Since climate change is characterized by most negativeenvironmental impacts, then in one way or another climate change affects humanbeings, especially in terms of health (Bateson, et al., 2004).Therefore, there is a need to carry out this study to determine the magnitudeof the effects of climate change on human health. This the bibliography References Bosello, F., Roson, R., & Tol,R. S. (2006). Economy-wide estimates of the implications of climate change:Human health. Ecological Economics, 58(3), 579-591. Casimiro, E., Calheiros, J., Santos,F. D., & Kovats, S. (2006). National assessment of human health effects ofclimate change in Portugal: approach and key findings. Environmental HealthPerspectives, 1950-1956. Costello, A., Abbas, M., Allen, A.,Ball, S., Bell, S., Bellamy, R., … & Patterson, C. (2009). Managing thehealth effects of climate change: lancet and University College LondonInstitute for Global Health Commission. The Lancet, 373(9676),1693-1733. Epstein, P. R. (2005). Climatechange and human health. New England Journal of Medicine, 353(14),1433-1436. Haines, A., & Patz, J. A.(2004). Health effects of climate change. Jama, 291(1), 99-103. Haines, A., Kovats, R. S.,Campbell-Lendrum, D., & Corvalán, C. (2006). Climate change and humanhealth: impacts, vulnerability and public health. Public health, 120(7),585-596. McMichael, A. J., Woodruff, R. E.,& Hales, S. (2006). Climate change and human health: present and futurerisks. The Lancet, 367(9513), 859-869. Patz, J. A., & Kovats, R. S.(2002). Hotspots in climate change and human health. BMJ: British MedicalJournal, 325(7372), 1094. Howthe sources are applicable to the topic All the sources areapplicable to the research topic because they contain important informationconcerning how climate change affects human health. Bosello, Roson, and Tol (2006)estimate the economic implications of climate change, focusing mainly on thehuman health. This source is relevant to the research topic because it explainsthe economic effects of climate change on human health. Casimiro et al. (2006)explain how climate change affects human health, particularly in Portugal henceshowing the usefulness of this article to the research topic. The third sourceexplains the management of human health effects caused by climate change, whichshows that it contains relevant information about the topic. Epstein (2005)explains the relationship between climate change and human health, which showsthat this article is relevant to the research topic. Haines and Patz (2004)explain the health effects of climate change hence showing that their articlecontains essential information relevant to the research topic. According to Haines et al (2006), climate change affectshuman health significantly. In their article they have explained therelationship between the two factors, discussing the impact and vulnerabilityof climate change. Therefore, this source is relevant to the research topicbecause it addresses similar concepts. McMichael, Woodruff, and Hales (2006)discuss the present and future risks of climate change and health henceconfirming the relevance of the source. Lastly, Patz and Kovats (2002) addresshotspots in climate change and human health, which shows that their articlecontains relevant information to the research topic. Please put it in apa format citation Thank you References Bateson, P., Barker, D., Clutton-Brock, T., Deb,D., D’Udine, B., Foley, R. A., & Sultan, S. E. (2004). Developmentalplasticity and human health. Nature, 430(6998), 419-421 Retrievedfrom World Health Organization. (2015). Climate Change.Retrieved November 27, 2015, from World Health Organization:

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Effects of Climate Change on Human Health
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