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The health conditions of the major community in Houston Texas

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses SOC 3309.Incorporated in 1837, it is the core centre of Sugar- Baytown, the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States. It also boasts of having the largest and most sophisticated medical centers in the world. It also gives recognition to the biggest scientific institutions in the world including the Mission Control Centre of NASA and Texas Medical Center. The city has given rise to a cultural diversity, incorporating tourist attraction areas like the Museum District (N.A.S.A, 2009).The socio-economic platform of this area relies on manufacturing, industrial production of energy sources, aeronautics, and transportation. Being a highly populated area of over 2.1 million residences, Houston has higher crime levels – for example, thefts – than other areas in Texas (U.S Census Bureau, 2011).The health conditions of the major community in Houston Texas are relatively higher than the in other Texas cities. Health barriers of the area are high rates of chronic and mental health conditions, low rates of preventive screening, poor health care services, low rates of preventive screenings, and unsafe neighborhood conditions (University of Texas Health Report, 2010).Bruce Link and Jo Phelan were basing their argumentation on stratification in the society where a person’s role in the community determines his or her health condition. A poor person in a community has limited access to better health facilities and, therefore, is vulnerable to the layman’s diseases. Medical care is expensive and limited. Some in the community seek other means of getting medical services, which are still inadequate. Reports indicate that rich people face diabetes and heart failures more than the poor (Public Health Report on Lifestyle Diseases- Houston, 2012). According to Bruce and Phelan, the diseases affect one stratum in the society more than they affect another.Surveys done by the University of Texas School of Public Health

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The health conditions of the major community in Houston Texas
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