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The benefits of electronic and personal health records

Scholarly Project OverviewThe Scholarly Project will consist of a 10- to 12-page paper • In Week 7, by Day 7, you will submit your final Paper and your Presentation.Throughout the course, you will also have an opportunity to engage in lively discussions with your colleagues on salient topics to frame your professional development. A title page that states the title of your Scholarly Project, date, Walden University, course number, course title, and your name• An abstract page• An introduction including a thesis statement• A literature review• All necessary content to effectively support the topic• A conclusion• Any necessary appendices• A reference list, in proper APA formatBe sure to employ Academic Honesty and strictly adhere to APA format for your Scholarly Project.Additionally, I have added a brief outline that includes the topic of my thesis July 22, 2012 Thesis: Effects on quality of care of minorities with chronic illness through the use of electronic health record systems by family members and other caregivers.“With the implementations of Public Health Records (PHRs) have enabled patients with health disparities the opportunity to manage their treatment of care Affairs, (2012,).The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched the prototype Personal Health Record (PHR) that allows veterans to correspond directly with their provider, order their meds and access their lab work. Affairs, (2012,). The benefits of electronic and personal health records.? What are the short and long term effects of patients and physicians utilizing electronic medical records?? How will the implementation of EMR’s reduce readmission rates?? Involving family member in their plan of treatment.? What are the barriers of personal and electronic health records? In closing, with the introduction of electronic medical records and personal health records (PHR) it allows patients and their caregivers the opportunity to better manage their care. Unfortunately, one of the glaring issues reported from the “ Mathematical Policy Research that most patients”(Bagchi, A. 2007) have encountered with utilizing personal health records has been the lack of access to a computer or any electrical device that can be used to access their health records (Group, 2005).” This minor hiccup should not discourage individuals from taking full advantage of what PHR’s have to offer. The overall benefits of Personal health records allow patients to “achieve their healthcare goals” (Clinic, 2007).Works CitedBagchi, A. M. (2007). Consideration in Designing Personal Health Records for Underserved Populations Mathematical Policy Research Issue brief. Consideration in Designing Personal Health Records for Underserved Populations .Clinic, M. (2007). Health/Personal-health-records.

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The benefits of electronic and personal health records
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