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Policy Analysis and Critique Weighting

Assessment 2: Policy Analysis and Critique
Weighting: 60%
Word count/duration: 3000 Words
Due Date: Monday 21st May 2018 1700hrs
Submission details: Refer to Submission Requirements(p.11)
Marking Criteria and Standards: See page 21.
Total possible score is 40.
Aim of assessment
The purpose of this assessment task is to facilitate the development of your skills and expertise in all of
the following learning objectives:
1. Policy Analysis and Critique
Weighting ;
2. Develop and utilise insight into the relationships between politics and power in the construction of health and aged care policy;
3. Explore the concept that interest groups exert power and influence in the area of health and aged care policy formulation;
4. Examine significant historical, structural and environmental factors which affect health and aged care policy development and translation;
5. Consider the global evolution of health and aged care policies and the organisational patterns of health and aged care services, with respect to the World Health Organisation's commitment to Primary Health Care;
6. Demonstrate an awareness of ethical and legal dilemmas and constraints involved in formulating and enacting health and aged care policies;
7. Examine the impact that social, health and aged care policies have on disadvantaged groups in society;
8. Undertake a critique of workplace practices that are bound by policy.
Details of Assessment
This assessment provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of how health care policies are constructed. You are required to analyse the process of health care policy development with reference to ONE policy or one component of a policy (for example a policy framework or models of care document *see note) within the health care system. The policy could be one that has been developed for the Health Care System in general. There is a table of suggested policies on page 47 of the Learning Modules document that may be relevant to you. Please also refer to the frameworks for analysis listed on page 26 of the Learning Modules document and explained in reading 2.1. An example of a good policy analysis will be available to you in vUWS to help guide you on the required format for this assignment.
The required readings and learning activities in the Learning Modules for Module 1 and Module 2 provide detailed information about the policy development process and make suggestion for how best to approach and conduct a policy analysis and critique.
* policy framework or model of care documents must be from a credible source for example The World Health Organisation and Australian National Council on Drugs

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Policy Analysis and Critique Weighting
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