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Identify a major health issue that is of interest to you

Health Data for Decision Making 
Assignment Three: (40%) 
Length: 1500 (+/- 10%) words 
Due Date: 3/10/2015 
Identify a major health issue that is of interest to you. The issue could be related to your work and be in any area such as health promotion, public health, health policy, health management or any clinical issue. Identify at least twelve different sources of data relating to this issue; these might include epidemiological studies, secondary databases, surveillance data, Cochrane reviews, clinical trials, DHS annual reports, etc. 
In a table, provide a comprehensive summary of these data, and add a short summary comment (up to 300 words). 
Write a 1200-word position paper about your topic. Make a proposal to decision-makers about actions that should be undertaken on this issue, based on your analysis. To do this, you will need to decide who you are (the perspective from which the paper is being written) and to whom the paper is addressed (the decision-making audience). This might, for 9 example, be a paper from the Public Health Association of Australia to the Government about advertising fast food during children’s television time, from the Medical Association to British American Tobacco about lung cancer, from the Refugee Centre to the Federal Health Minister about access for refugees to health care, or to your unit manager about reforming your unit’s approach based on particular health service delivery issues. 
Assignment Three Marking Criteria: 
• Discussion (15%) 
• Comprehensiveness and variety of references (15%) 
• Inclusion of cover sheet and general presentation of assignment according to subject guidelines (10%)

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Identify a major health issue that is of interest to you
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