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High abilities to communicate and influence

Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service

CQ Health provides public health services across Central Queensland, in hospitals and in the community. CQ Health is a statutory body governed by our Board. We serve a growing population of approximately 250,000 people and employ more than 3,700 staff, treating more than 700,000 patients each year. CQ Health has a diverse geographic footprint, ranging from regional cities to remote townships in the west and beachside communities along the coast.
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High abilities to communicate and influence
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The opportunity

The Director will provide strategic leadership, direction and advice in the delivery of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs and services that support the strategic directions of the Health Service as set out in Destination 2030: Great Care for Central Queenslanders and Closing the Gap strategic plans.
The incumbent is an influential advocate for positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care outcomes across the Health Service and works in collaboration with the Health Service’s Executive Management Team (EMT), the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and the Health Service’s three key business units.
The position reports directly to the Health Service Chief Executive (HSCE) and provides strategic advice to that position, and on occasions to the CQHHS Board, on issues and initiatives impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care.

Total package

§  Up to 12.75% employer superannuation contribution Salary packaging

§  Annual leave loading 17.5%           Work/life balance, variety and flexibility

§  Employee Assistance Program

The role

Staffing and Budget Responsibilities

The position has line management responsibility for:

§  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Engagement Coordinator

§  Administration Support Officer

Accountabilities and responsibilities

§  Fulfil the responsibilities of this role in accordance with the Queensland Public Service and CQ Health values.

§  Actively participate in the Performance Appraisal and Development (PAD) process and engage in continuous learning and workplace improvement and innovation

§  Understand your broad responsibility for safety and quality in healthcare, actively participate in continuous quality and safety improvement activities within the workplace and notify a relevant clinical or non-clinical responsible officer when concerns exist about workplace or patient safety.

§  The provision of a healthy and safe environment within CQ Health is everyone’s responsibility. The essential requirements for this role are:


§  Lead the development, implementation and evaluation of a CQ Health Closing the Gap strategy (annually refreshed) and subsequent plans that align with the aspiration in Destination 2030, Great Care for Central Queenslanders and close the gap in life expectancy by 2030.

§  Develop strategic links with relevant stakeholders and actively lead in relevant CQ Health and local networks, advisory groups, working parties and forums.

§  Actively lead the overall CQ Health Close the Gap strategy through challenging existing policy and practice, initiating and leading policy changes or health service initiatives to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

§  Develop and support the cultural capability, education and research culture in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health across CQ Health.

§  Develop strong relationships/partnerships with a range of internal and external stakeholders including government agencies, community groups, service providers, education and research bodies, staff, clinicians, clients/consumers.

§  Support the Destination 2030 engagement with practitioner groups and other stakeholders by ensuring that their needs, expectations and interests are included in health service planning and evaluation.

§  Foster positive and collaborative staff culture by championing a high performing, values-driven, safety conscious workplace culture where people are rewarded and recognised for their contributions, treated fairly, respectfully and with dignity.

§  Through role modelling and purposeful interventions, develop the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce to ensure succession planning, sustainability and enhancement.

§  Fulfil the accountabilities of this role in accordance with CQ Health’s core values and with the Queensland Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Capability Framework 2010 – 2033.

Safety and Quality

§  Provide leadership in the monitoring and evaluation of safety and quality data and initiatives to the National Standards

§  Monitor, report and advise on CQ Health health performance targets to promote over-achievement of each target, as relevant, to services provided for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. These would include those targets identified in the HHS service level agreement, Closing the Gap targets and any locally agreed targets.

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§  Relevant to the position, participate in the ongoing education, implementation, monitoring and evaluation safety and quality initiatives relevant to the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards

§  Promote a culture of transparency, accountability and quality service and ensure decisions about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health provision are both ethical and evidence based. Communication and Engagement

§  Using strong, influential communication skills, develop and maintain effective partnerships / relationships within and outside CQ Health, with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the community controlled organisations.

§  Ensure the development of comprehensive culturally acceptable communication strategies on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health both across CQ Health and external.

§  Ensure the coordination of a method of engagement for the Board Chair and/or HSCE with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities. Business Management

§  Lead the delivery of operational plans for CQ Health through strong governance, risk management and accountability. Provide to relevant parties timely and accurate reporting with a focus on performance outcomes.

§  Contribute to the Health Funding function by working collaboratively with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Branch and other internal key stakeholder’s business groups.

§  Work with the HSCE and in collaboration with the EMT, to deliver and foster innovative service delivery within available resources that maximise service efficiency and effectiveness.

§  Provide high level leadership and advice to the HSCE related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services and workforce matters, in the interests of achieving whole of HHS outcomes.

§  Analyse and convey complex ideas and information to a range of stakeholders in relation to strategic indigenous health policy and reform initiatives.

Mandatory qualifications / Professional registration / Other requirements

§  A tertiary qualification in economics, public policy, health service management or any other relevant discipline, although not mandatory, will be regarded favourably.

§  Experience in health service administration, leadership or management are considered highly desirable for demonstrating achievement of the responsibilities of the position.

§  Appointment to this position requires proof of qualification and registration or membership with the appropriate registration authority or association.

§  Proof of identify documents: Applicants must provide certified copies of requested proof of identify documents for the purposes of General Criminal History and National Police Certificate checks.

§  Licence to operate vehicle: This position requires the incumbent to operate a class C motor vehicle and an appropriate licence endorsement to operate this vehicle is required. Proof of this endorsement must be provided prior to the commencement of duty.

§  Travel: Travel throughout CQ Health may be required as part of this position.

Identified Position

This role is designated as Indigenous Identified.  Under s25 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, there is a genuine occupational requirement for the incumbent to be Indigenous to the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community. To allow the panel to confirm that you are eligible to be considered for this Indigenous Identified role, the panel may either:

§  Accept your written assertion that you are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent; or

§  Obtain from you, as part of your formal application, documentary evidence attesting to you Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent. Full details and a Statutory Declaration is available here:

How you will be assessed

You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the best fit for the role. Within the context of the responsibilities described under ‘The Role’, the ideal applicant will be someone who can demonstrate the following:

§  Proven experience in indigenous health and able to demonstrate the capacity to work closely with a diverse range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and communities

§  Experience in governance and quality and safety

§  Strategic and operational capability

§  Outcome orientated

§  High abilities to communicate and influence

§  Strong leadership capabilities.

How to apply

§  Download package available from using the job ad reference number (JRN). All applications must be submitted online via Smartjobs.

§  Provide the following information to the panel to assess your suitability:

§  Your current CV or resume, including referees.

§  A short response (maximum 1-2 pages) on how your experience, abilities and knowledge would enable you to achieve the accountabilities and responsibilities, meet the organisational values and “how you will be assessed”.

§  Provide referees that have a thorough knowledge of your work performance and conduct that have been your recent supervisor. By providing the names and contact details of your referee/s you consent for these people to be contacted by the selection panel. If you do not wish for a referee to be contacted, please clearly indicate this on your resume.

§  Include any additional forms or evidence as necessary from the panel and role description.

Occupational health and safety

CQ Health aims to maintain a safe, healthy and secure work environment for all employees, clients, visitors and contractors. Achieving this aim is the responsibility of all.

§  All staff: are to follow defined service quality standards, occupational health and safety policies and procedures relating to the work being undertaken to ensure high quality, safe services and workplaces.

§  Management roles: are to participate in quality and safety activities such as clinical review, audit and case study presentations which assist learning within the quality and safety environment that can also incorporate the National Standards program.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace for our people and our community. To find out more visit CQ Health:

Respect in the workplace

CQ Health values and respects the diversity of its workforce and believes that all its employees should be treated fairly and with dignity and respect. All employees of CQ Health must show respect for each other, visitors, the public and contractors by treating them fairly and objectively, ensuring freedom from discrimination, sexual harassment, racial or religious vilification, victimisation and bullying. CQ Health is an equal opportunity workplace.

Vision for the Public Sector

The Department of Health has a diverse set of responsibilities, and a common purpose of creating better health care for Queenslanders. The department is responsible for the overall management of the public health system in
Queensland. We strongly believe in the need to work with people that value the goals of our organisation and who will thrive in our workplace. To enable this vision, the Queensland Public Sector is transforming from a focus on compliance to a values-led way of working. The following five values, underpin behaviours that will support and enable better ways of working and result in better outcomes for Queenslanders.

Additional information

§  Currency of Applications: Permanent and temporary vacancies longer than 12 months remain current for 12 months. [OR] Temporary vacancies less than 12 months remain current for vacancy duration.

§  Future vacancies of a temporary, full-time and part-time nature may also be filled through this recruitment process.

§  Pre-employment screening, including criminal history and discipline history checks, may be undertaken on persons recommended for employment. Roles providing health, counselling and support services mainly to children will require a Blue Card, unless otherwise exempt.

§  Probation: Employees who are permanently appointed to Queensland Health may be required to undertake a period of probation appropriate to the appointment.

§  Disclosure of Pre-Existing Illness: Applicants may be required to disclose any pre-existing illness or injury which may impact on their ability to perform the role. Details are available in section 571 of the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

§  Child Abuse/Neglect: All relevant health professionals, who during their duties formulate a reasonable suspicion that a child or youth has suffered, is suffering, or is at an unacceptable risk of suffering significant harm and may not have a parent able and willing to protect the child from harm, have a legislative and duty of care obligation to immediately report such concerns to Child Safety Services.

§  Health Care Workers in Queensland Health whose occupation poses a potential risk of exposure to blood or body fluids must be immunised against Hepatitis B according to the National Health and Medical Research Council Australian Immunisation Handbook and the Queensland Health Infection Control Guidelines.

§  Disclosure of Employment as a Lobbyist: Applicants will be required to give a statement of their employment as a lobbyist within one (1) month of taking up the appointment. Details are available at 

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