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PDR-222904 Health Education Plan THIS SHOULD BE A HEALTH EDUCATION PLAN FOR CHILDHOOD OBESITY (geared toward children residing in Gloucester Township, New Jersey). 1. Identification of Specific Health Promotion Need (10 points). (CHILDHOOD OBESITY) 2. Establish Health Education Outcomes (15 points) 3. Design the Health Education Plan (20 points). Identify what you plan to teach and give rationale for why you are going to present the specific content. 4. Implementation of the Health Education Plan (10 points) 5. Evaluation of Educational Effectiveness (25 points) – Since you won’t actually be implementing the plan, describe how you would assess the effectiveness of the health education plan. Health Indicators There are several health indicators that will be important to address here. For example: body mass index, visits to health care providers, number of reported preventable deaths, physical activity levels, and laboratory results. By assessing each of these areas it will allow nurses to determine if the designated outcomes are being met and what further interventions may need to be carried out. 6. APA and grammar (20 points) Additional Guidelines The paper will be a minimum of 7 double-spaced pages in length and maximum of 14 pages, excluding the title (cover) page, reference list page and the appendix/appendices page. Observe the APA format that includes: Title page or Cover page (correct Running Head), Body of the paper: references cited in paper, margins, page numbers, paragraph structure, use of headings, references, appendices. All papers submitted must include a title page, introductory paragraph, topics for discussion (follow the five topics mentioned above), summary or conclusion, references and appendices. References: Observe correct APA citation. A rule of thumb is one reference per page for your paper. For this paper a minimum of five (5) professional references would be acceptable. attached is the additional information required to properly complete the assignment. It requires the writing of “goals”s. 9 pages, 5 APA references

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