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Health Care Delivery in the United States

Write my research paperAs stated in the course text, Health Care Delivery in the United States, “the health care enterprise is one of the most important parts of the U.S. social system and of our economic system as well” (Kovner and Knickman, 2011, p. 4); however, with millions of citizens uninsured, rising costs, massive health disparities, and the need to improve quality and access, many view health care as a broken system. As such, it continues to be a significant political issue in the United States. Most agree that something needs to be done to fix the health care system, but the methods and solutions for addressing problems vary greatly, particularly with respect to the role government should play. Proponents of varying approaches often have strong, emotional opinions, making compromise difficult.In this Discussion, you will consider the role of government in health care, and you will examine the impact of a social, economic, technological, ethical, or legal issue on health care delivery. To prepare:• With this week’s Learning Resources in mind, consider this question: Is health care a right or a privilege? • Review the media presentation for this week, focusing on the role of the government in health care including the Affordable Care Act. • Pinpoint a social, economic, technological, ethical, or legal issue that could, or has, affected health care delivery in the United States. • Locate a current article from the popular press (within the past 6 months) related to the health care issue you identified. How does this article inform your understanding of the influence of your selected issue in the health care debate? Post your position on whether health care in the United States is a right or a privilege, and explain what you believe to be the proper role of government in health care. Justify your position. Explain how the social, economic, technological, ethical, or legal issue you selected is impacting health care delivery and whether this issue should be addressed by the government or by private entities. Identify the article you selected, and explain how this article informs your stance.IMPORTANT: THE DISCUSSION QUESTION HAS TO BE FREE OF PLAGIARISMNOTE: READ CAREFULLY EVERY INSTRUCTION, AND THE DOCUMENTS AND THE VIDEO ( MEDIA PRESENTATION) ATTACHED BELLOW IN ORDER TO RESPOND CORRECTLY THE ASSIGNMENT. I ATTACHED DOCUMENTS THAT CAN BE USED AS A GUIDE TO RESPOND THE DISCUSSION QUESTION CORRECTLYMY PROFESSION/SPECIALIZATION IS : MENTAL HEALTH NURSE PRACTITIONER

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Health Care Delivery in the United States
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