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HEALTH PROMOTION TOPIC: DRINKING AND DRIVING IN USA Includes contextual factors and socioeconomic factors and makes some links to health promotion and issues with different groups •??Focus on contextual issues which have implications for Health Promotion for particular groups/populations/individuals (so we need to focus on specific topic rather than the entire population) •???Display awareness of the implications of context •??You need to look at specific areas such as; health policy, existing health promotion interventions, population need, skills, resources (professional, public, finance, services, etc), sustainability of environment, epidemiology, political infrastructure of country, determinants of health for the area, NGOs, cultural beliefs around the area you are interested in. •??Decide which areas you are ALL going to cover before you search then make a table of the approximate number of articles present for each area. (For example, one person focus solely on health policy, one person on social determinants, one person on existing health promotion interventions etc) •??If you find conflicting evidence present it and try and evaluate what the gaps are in the evidence presented [e.g., only a small select group, leaves out group it needs to address, medicalised approach, needs of target group not explored addressed, presence of skills not explored and/or developed, no sustainability…..etc.] •??What interventions are there and what evidence are they based on? BE CRITICAL HERE and look for the gaps.Document Preview:

Order NoEHUK6287Word1000Deadline2016-04-07Allocation Date2016-04-06 05:04:17Order TypeAssignmentAcademic LevelMasterSubjectHealthOrder DeliveryTopic Health Promotion Admin Remark Need high quality of work must meet all the requirements Must need it tomorrow Downloads HYPERLINK “” Main File     Additional Requirement No Data Found

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