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Determine the income and education level of this targeted community

Developing a Quantitative Research Plan

The assignment:

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Determine the income and education level of this targeted community
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  • Submit a 2- to 3-page draft of the first part of your research plan. Include the following elements in your draft:


  • Title
  • Introduction


  • Opening statement
  • Background of study
  • Problem statement
  • Purpose of the study
  • Research question(s) and hypotheses
  • Theoretical framework

Attention: Here is my chosen research plan to be used for this whole assignment thanks.


Health disparity is increasing in status of health in racial and ethnic minorities. These differences in the community are on the basis of education, income, type of job or work, housing status, and other factors. The disparity is increasing between black and white populations of the country. Many diseases like heart, diabetes, blood pressure, breast cancer, overweight and obesity are few of the diseases which are prevailing.

It has been noted that morality rate due to cardiovascular diseases, cervical cancer, breast cancer etc in blacks is increasing due to lack of medication and health education. (Holly Mead, 2008)Along with these diseases, health insurance coverage is another issue that is facing health disparity in U.S. The masses are capable of participating in the public programs but are incapable for buying a private insurance coverage.


The study will be purposed to test the effect of health promotion program on individuals. The health programs and healthy lifestyle promotion will be tested on group of communities to teach them importance of healthy lifestyle and behaviors. The significance of diet, hygiene and exercise will be promoted. With increased health disparity in U.S, the emphasis will be given on the health education programs.

Research Question

How does the targeted community rate the promotion program on healthy lifestyle and behavior?

Is health promotion program helping the community to understand the importance of healthy lifestyle?

What is the level of achievement when it comes to healthy lifestyle?

Is program helping in reducing the health disparity and providing ways to have healthy living?

Determine the income and education level of this targeted community?

Health insurance numbers in the targeted community.


Health disparities can be reduced with the inflow of health education and creating ownership amongst individuals. The information and promotion in the targeted community will show the results.

Research Plan

The research will be done by creating a sample of 100 members in the targeted community. This sample will be consist of people that are low income, less educated, and differs in terms of racial and ethnic backgrounds. Firstly, the daily routine of the targeted sample will be judged on the parameters of the health. A survey will be done. Data will be collected on what type of diseases they are suffering from, their income annually and their health insurance, if it exists.

The data will collected on the basis of research questions mentioned and the hypothesis – effect of education on health. The result is numerical thus is easily interpreting. The quantitative data is easy and cost effective method. The target community is segregated in small groups on the basis of their age, gender, location and availability of resources. Each group will have equal number of people to be questioned. The survey will be conducted and then the results will be analyzed. The analyzing of data will help us understand or comprehend to what extent the health education and promotion was useful.

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