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determinants of health

Assignment task

You are asked to review the Koolin Balit Health Plan below. You need to discuss the plan, its priorities and then discuss the determinants of health and how they influence the affected population groups that these priority areas are targeting.

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determinants of health
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Your review should be 1400 words (+/- 10%).

1. Review the plan

Koolin Balit: Victorian Government strategic directions for Aboriginal health 2012-2022.

2: Prepare your written report

(a) Introduction to report and summary of your plan (approximately 100 -150 words)

Your introduction should first explain the purpose of the health plan review. You should then give a brief summary of the plan, the priority area, at-risk groups and determinants you will be focusing on.

(b) Description of the overall plan, the determinants of health and how they influence the population groups (approximately 200 – 250 words)

Your description should outline the plan, who the plan is targeting, who created the plan, the main aims and when it will be evaluated. You should list all priority areas and outline the at-risk groups mentioned in the plan as well as the relevance of the determinants of health.

NOTE: The health plan needs to be referenced throughout this section.

(c) Description of one priority area and two at-risk groups (approximately 200 – 250 words)

Choose one of the outlined priority areas from the plan and describe this and the actions outlined in the plan (for example, what is your chosen priority, why is it a priority, and what are they planning to do?). Identify two at-risk groups relating to this priority area. Describe why they are experiencing poorer health and wellbeing outcomes.

Priority areas from the plan: 
Koolin Balit: Victorian Government strategic directions for Aboriginal health 2012-2022 
• A healthy start to life 
• Healthy childhood 
• Healthy transition to adulthood 
• Caring for older people 
• Addressing risk factors 
• Managing care better with effective services

(d) Discussion of three relevant determinants of health (approximately 650-700 words)

Outline which 3 determinants you are focusing on (social, environmental and/or biological) and detail how these determinants are linked to the priority area and the associated health outcomes for one (1) of the at-risk population groups, you discussed above.

(e) Conclusion (approximately 100-150 words)

Summarise the main points discussed in the report without introducing new ideas.

Attachment:- task.rar

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