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Describe any associated laws, regulations, or voluntary standards

For the Final Project, you will prepare a four- to five-minute PowerPoint presentation on a health informatics topic that includes the following:

Topic: During this course, we explore many different components of health informatics. Pick a topic of interest to you and prepare a four- to five-minute PowerPoint presentation. You can include a relevant video in one of the slides. Speaker notes are required for each slide. This should reflect four- to five-minutes of new information about the topic you choose. Choose one topic from the list:

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Describe any associated laws, regulations, or voluntary standards
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Evidence-based practice and informatics


Public health informatics

The evolving E-Patient

International efforts, issues, and innovations related to informatics

Simulation in health care

Analytics and design-led innovations and management

Big data: challenges, opportunities, and realities

Incorporating mobile devices and sensors into daily routines. The potential impact for m-Health is enormous. For example, an individual might spend 15 minutes or less per year with a primary-care physician, whereas the same person has nearly constant contact with a mobile device.

Applying clinical care guidelines on, and within, mobile platforms

Gathering and using data (particularly intensive longitudinal data) to study effectiveness of an m-Health intervention

Consumer informatics

Applications of social media in health care

Biomedical applications based on sensor data

Chronic disease management and preventative solutions


The four- to five-minute presentation should be set up as a staff educational session on your selected topic.

Your presentation must:

Define your topic and explain its relevance to health informatics.

Describe any ethical issues associated with your topic.

Describe any associated laws, regulations, or voluntary standards that are relevant to the topic.

Explain how the topic relates to or impacts health care delivery, administration, education, data administration, or research.

Summarize associated data capture tools and technologies.

Describe a specific example of your topic in use in health care.

References: Include five scholarly references formatted according to APA style.


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