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Community agencies, hospitals, local health departments or government offices

The assignment requires that you address a health issue in a community and choose a mode to deliver your presentation, you must provide the Topic, Audience, Mode and Reasoning (rationale) for your project. It is important that you write it using the public health “scientific” way of writing and supporting the facts you are presenting for why it is important to address this issue. be sure to include the social determinants of health and social change that you expect.Document Preview:

Scholar-Practitioner Project Topic, Audience, Location, and Mode This week, you create a summary of your Scholar-Practitioner Project. To be successful in this program, and in your career, you need to develop effective communication and presentation skills. One of the goals of the Scholar-Practitioner Project is to help you develop those skills. Work to your strengths or challenge yourself to develop new strengths. For example, you might create a PowerPoint presentation to share with a group as an ideal way to disseminate population health and determinants of change information. Or, you might want to offer a screening of a compelling episode of Unnatural Causes, or some other program, and lead a discussion afterwards. Whatever method you choose, remember the objective is to convey important information about the determinants of health and to stimulate an exchange of ideas about these important concepts. To prepare for this Scholar-Practitioner Project Assignment, review your Learning Resources for the course and select a topic on which to build your project. Your selected topic should reflect your understanding of the social determinants of health. Where would your presentation do the greatest good? Think about possible locations for sharing this information. Some suggestions include but are not limited to: •Community agencies, hospitals, local health departments or government offices •Your employer •Local high school or community college health classes •Senior centers, retirement communities, youth groups or faith-based organizations •Others (Please submit to your Instructor for approval.) To complete this Scholar-Practitioner Project Assignment, submit a 1- to 2-page summary of your assignment for your Instructor to review and provide feedback. Your summary should include the following elements: •Topic •Audience •Location •Mode You can also start working on confirming your audience, date (your presentation should be scheduled to occur…

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Community agencies, hospitals, local health departments or government offices
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