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Young refugees in the city

Recent Question/Assignment 
Task Individual Presentation: For this task, you will be required to Description prepare a presentation (you can use narrated PowerPoint or a written response). The audience for the presentation is a group of newly qualified Health Professionals. In the presentation choose from one of the following population groups:1. Older Indigenous women;2. Young refugees in the city;3. Homeless, social excluded men;4. Children with disabilities and their families; or5. Unemployed young people living in a remote area.Focus on the aspect of diversity, marginalisation and/or stigma you have chosen and consider a common health issue associated with that cohort. Consider the key issues facing that group. Use evidence-based strategies from the literature for addressing the health issues identified. Please reflect on the core principles that underpin your professional approach to addressing health and wellbeing for the group you have chosen. Please engage with relevant practice frameworks and scholarly literature and evidence to help contextualise and justify the information presented in the presentation.Assessment Criteria Measures Intended Learning Outcome:Criterion 1. Outline the key health issues associated with the 2 marginalised group you have chosen (3o%)UNIVERSITYof TASMANIA Page 6 CXA110 PRINCIPLES OF HEALTH AND COMMUNITY CARECriterion 2 2. Discuss how health promotion principles can be applied to the community you have chosen (3o%) 2,3,5Criterion 3 3. Identify and discuss community care strategies for addressing health care issues for your cohort (3o%) 5Criterion 4 4. Academic writing skills (io %)Task length A io minute presentationDue by date 26 August by 11.59pm (submitted to MyLO Dropbox)Assessment Task 3: Report

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Young refugees in the city
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