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working age for children policy


This page will provide a overview of your assessment task 2

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working age for children policy
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To be read in-conjunction with the marking guide and rubric

Please note the topic’s have just been added

This assessment covers unit learning outcomes (ULO) 1,2,3 and 4


Requirements: 1500-word written report (+/-10%)

Submission: Online via the moodle drop box (under AT2)

Deadline: Week 6 – 5pm Sunday

Weighting: 30% of your final grade


2. Write a case study on your chosen population group. Start researching the health issues

You will demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the key health issues for your chosen group in this region

Describe some recent research findings relevant to the group,

Look at current public health and health promotion action in the region targeting this group.

3. Look for recent up to date data

5 years old (from the last 5 years, ie. from 2014 onward) to explore the current situation in the region

Consider – Your chosen risk group – Health issues of concern within this group (that you have identified) from the data

For example: housing, access to health care, prevention of violence, human trafficking, sexually transmitted illnesses, malaria etc.

Here is a great starting point:

4. Identify one (1) health issue to discuss in detail:

TIP: It’s easiest to choose the one issue that is most significant for this group ie. the one that contributes the most to the burden of disease or has the most impact on this community currently.

5. Discuss the findings from at least three (3) recent pieces of credible literature on this community

These sources should be relevant to the key health issue you have chosen for this population group – you will be led by the research here

You may choose to use peer-reviewed journals, conference presentations, government or non-government organisation reports; these sources must be published from 2014 onward

You may choose to use websites as well, however these will be in addition to the above minimum of 3;

5. Find a policy or strategic document to help reduce that health issue, for that population group in that geographic area

Present the key points: From one (1) policy or (1) other strategic document explaining how this informs action on health issues of concern for your chosen group at the local level

eg. Minimum working age for children policy, Gender equality (increase number of women in decision making positions), Youth policy (unemployment)

6. Identify at least two (2) organisations working that address the health issue in that geographical area

Working in this space, briefly explaining their roles promoting health in this context;

You need to ensure you specifically relate this back to YOUR population group in your area that focuses on the health issue

For example: an organisation that is working with young women in the Philippines with an unplanned pregnancy

7. Using your evidence write 3 recommendations! These are NOT your opinion, they must be evidence based!

Based upon the evidence you have found, for future public health/health promotion action in this space.

You need to ensure you specifically relate this back to YOUR population group in your area that focuses on the health issue


This paper should be presented using the structure above. Include subheadings to help you to organise and present your ideas more clearly.

Subheading ideas are:


Significant health issues affecting population group in X

Most significant health Issue

Policy OR Strategic Document

Organisations working to address the health issue

Three evidence based recommendations



Guidelines for presentation:

MSWord document format (.docx) or PDF. NO other format will be accepted.

1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins

Easy to read font size 11 or 12 (i.e. Calibri or Times New Roman)

Pages numbered consecutively in the footer.

Your student ID number and name in the header.

Your cover page must include:

Your name and student number.

Unit name and code

Lecturer’s name

The total word count (not including the in-text references or reference list).

The reference style you have selected (Harvard or APA).


Refer to the marking rubric for details on how old the reference can be and the minimum number of references requirements

In this unit you must choose ONE of EITHER the Harvard OR APA styles:

Deakin Harvard referencing style:

The American Psychological Association (APA) style of referencing

Academic referencing involves two interconnected parts: in-text citations and a list of references.

Every source you refer to must have an accurate in-text citation using the Deakin Harvard OR APA referencing style.

DO NOT use footnotes.

All direct quotes must have page numbers in addition to author, year.

Full details of all sources you refer to in-text must be listed in your list of references (at the end of your assignment), and correctly formatted using the Deakin Harvard OR APA referencing style.

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