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the magnitude of the health problem in that population

In a briefing to a Minister for Health, you will outline the case for intervening to improve
population health, articulating the strategy and justifying it on the basis of the priority
assigned to the problem. Ethical implications of the preferred intervention strategy will be
taken into account.
What you need to do
This Assessment Task is in two parts: Part A & Part B.
You will work on and submit Part A early in the semester (so you can get feedback). You will
work on Part B through the semester, and submit it after classes finish.
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PART A Report (1,000 words)
• Write a short report that signals to the Minister for Health that a priority health
problem is affecting a defined population and needs action by government.
You will choose a priority health problem affecting a defined population that is realistic and of
interest to you. To do this, search relevant journals, textbooks and the “grey literature” (such
as government reports, policy statements, issues papers from authoritative organisations).
Discuss options with teaching staff and class members using the AT1 discussion forum in the
‘Assessments’ block and in your tutorials.
Then, undertake further research, and summarise in a short report:
o the nature of the health problem
o the population affected by the problem (you may need to refer to age, gender,
ethnicity, geographical location or other characteristics)
o the magnitude of the health problem in that population (you may refer to
epidemiological and other statistical data)
o the proximal and distal determinants of the health problem
o any features of this population that you want the Minister to be aware of
o the case for why a public health intervention strategy should be supported by
the Minister for Health at this time.
PART B Ministerial briefing paper (2,000 words)
• Write a Ministerial briefing paper (see Attachment 1).
Propose to the Minister for Health a public health intervention strategy that combines a
selected range of relevant intervention methods and is designed to address the health
problem. Draw on available information and evidence in your proposal to justify your choice
of intervention methods. Note: The proposal will be high-level and NOT a detailed action plan.
Advise the Minister of any ethical implications of the intervention strategy that would need to
be considered, and any issues you think might affect the implementation of the intervention

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the magnitude of the health problem in that population
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