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mental health and alcohol and drug abuse treatement

Review all information regarding 42 CFR 2 – In many states, including Ohio, mental health and alcohol and drug abuse treatement is provided in the same facility and overseen by one governing body. In Ohio, this is the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Mental Health professionals are licensed to diagnosis and treat mental disorder in the DSM-5, including substance use disorders if this is an area of competence for them (if they have received the proper training). Therefore, individuals with substance use disorders are considered a specific subpopulation of mental health treatment. Mental health professionals must comply with all privacy and confidentiality laws, both federal and state. This includes, but not limited to HIPAA, CFR, and statutes. 42 CFR 2 is much more stringent than HIPPA, and most state statutes.
1. What stands out as a major difference?
2. Are there areas that are lacking or are too strict?
3.How are these privacy and confidentiality laws interfering with cooperation between mental health professionals and law enforcment and court officials?
4.How do the academic resources researched address these issues?

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mental health and alcohol and drug abuse treatement
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