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government and private health insurance plans

analysis of the affordable care act answering question below and at the end personal point of view. The topics that will be discuss are: What is the current situation? What are the main characteristics of the Health System of the state of Florida and / or US? What problems exist, according to the perception of the various stakeholders? Are there any previous studies with hard and irrefutable information? What are your main findings and conclusions? Are there significant differences between the different approaches of participating insurers? Does the norms and procedures and performance indicators of current approaches vary significantly? What differences exist in the coverage and costs of government and private health insurance plans? What options exist for uninsured individuals who do not qualify for the Government Health Plan and cannot afford a Private Plan? What is the satisfaction of the various suppliers and consumers, with the current system? How effective have proven solutions been in the past? Other topics that will be reviewed are: What are the main weaknesses of the current system? What are the main strengths we want to maintain? How does the health system situation in Florida and / or US compare with that of other countries? What conclusions can we reach about the effects of the current Health System? What results in the health of the population and the performance of the health system? Allow to conclude on the need for change? Is there consensus in the main areas to be improved? Could consensus and commitment be achieved with the group's recommendations? At the end of the discussion, I will also discuss my point of view on the Act.

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government and private health insurance plans
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