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existing health policy which addresses an important health issue

need this assignment in Wednesday morning with alcohol policy
This assessment allows the students to show that they have integrated the learning about public health policy into their own experience.

An existing health policy which addresses an important health issue(choose policy on alcohol)
Provide a brief description of your health policy e.g. policy title and purpose (200 words)
Explain why this policy is important for health using evidence from the literature (with at least 4 references) (550 words)
Explain how this policy could be implemented. Include in your discussion the mechanisms required to ensure compliance with your policy e.g. how it might be enforced, encouraged through education etc. (550 words)
The word limits for each sections are guides only based on marking weightings, overall your essay should not exceed 3000 words
You will be assessed using the marking rubric on the page 17. It is strongly advised that you consult the marking rubric before submitting your assessment to ensure you have completed all sections of the assessment. However this checklist may also be helpful:

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existing health policy which addresses an important health issue
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Do you state the question at the beginning and have you provided an introduction?
Do you provide the policy title and explain the purpose of the policy?
Have you stated what health issue is addressed by the policy?
Have you provided evidence that shows how the policy addresses the health issue?
Have you discussed how your policy could be put into practice and incorporating how you will ensure compliance to the policy?
Do you make a conclusion?
Note you must be concise in your discussion to ensure you do not exceed the word limit
please see the attached Rubric

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