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examine the health care sector from the perspective of stakeholders

Select and investigate a stakeholder organization from the list below.In this assignment students will gain expertise in identifying and analyzing the role of stakeholders in the U.S. Health Care Sector. The role of the health care manager is to understand and mediate various stakeholder perspectives. Students will share with others in the Week 3 conference area as noted below. This exercise will keep students on the “cutting-edge” of change in the health care system.A second purpose of this assignment is to examine the health care sector from the perspective of stakeholders. This course will examine the health care sector as a system with many stakeholders. The student will identify the stakeholder organization perspective: Payer (insurers, government payers, and employers); Provider (entities and individuals providing services in the health care system); Patient (consumers); or Producer (a product developer) could also be examined in this assignment.This assignment calls for a one page document in table format plus title page with name of the stakeholder organization, type of stakeholder, and student related information. Required Elements in the table include: Key health care issue the stakeholder is influencing. What the desired impact of the stakeholder would be on this issue. Briefly describe the issue. Who does the organization represent? What will the membership gain if the stakeholder organization is to achieve the desired result. Summarize two other stakeholder perspectives on the same issue Post your selected stakeholder organization in Week one in the Assignment #1 Sign-up Discussion. Only one student per Stakeholder Organization!

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examine the health care sector from the perspective of stakeholders
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