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Development of employment arrangements that are supportive of health workforce reform

Board and Health Service Executive Group: Nursing- Report Writing Assignment


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Development of employment arrangements that are supportive of health workforce reform
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You have been seconded to the Health Workforce Unit of your health service by the Chief Executive Officer to assist with workforce planning efforts to improve retention and encourage recruitment of nurses in the aged care services provided by the health service. Your immediate supervisor has tasked you to write a paper for the Board and Health Service Executive Group relating to a strategic health workforce issue relating to aged care.

Select one of the health workforce issues listed below. When you have selected the workforce issue that you wish to explore in this assignment, research, analyse and produce an academic paper of 2,500 words on the health workforce issue. Your submission must address the following:

Rationale for it being a strategic workforce issues

Goals or objectives for solving the workforce issue that you have selected

Evidence-based strategies that would address the issue being explored

Consideration of the change management issues that will need to be addressed in order to implement EACH of the evidence-based strategies that you have decided to use in your plan

Strategic Workforce Issues (select only one of these for your assignment)

Reforms required in aged care workforce roles to improve productivity and support more effective and efficient service delivery.

Development of an adaptable aged care workforce that is equipped with the required competencies and support to provides a team-based and collaborative model of care.

Development of leadership capacity to support and lead the aged care workforce in innovation and reform.

Aged Care workforce planning to account for emerging health workforce configuration, technology and competencies

Development of employmentarrangmentsthat are supportive of health workforce reform

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