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critique primary health care for older people living in the community.

2.4 Assessment Details 
Essay Weight: 40% 
Type of Collaboration: Individual 
Due: Tuesday 2 nd April 2019 2pm 
Format: All assignments are to be typed. Typing must be according to the following format. 
Required format: Length: as designated by assignment 3 cm left and right margins Double Spaced 
Font: Arial or Times New Roman Font size: 12pt 
All borrowings from other sources must be properly referenced and a reference list must be
included at the end. 
Length: 1,500 words 
Curriculum Mode: Essay 
Aim of assessment The purpose of this essay is to enable students to gain insight into health and 
socio-political issues in aged care as well as evaluate and critique health service delivery for older 
On successful completion of this assessment task students will have met the following learning 

critique representations of older people in policy, laws and legislation, and 
health/social service delivery;

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critique primary health care for older people living in the community.
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evaluate the rationales for resource allocation, service provision and coordination of 
services for older people using a social capital approach;

critique models of health service delivery for older people, including models of 
wellness, user-pays, case management, and active ageing (WHO) 
Details In this essay you are required to critique primary health care for older people living in the 
Points to consider: Your essay should include an: 
– explanation of primary health care for older people 
– evaluation of the way resources are allocated and services are provided using a primary health 
care approach 
– critical discussion of primary health care service delivery for older people 
There is more information on this topic in your modules. 
This assessment requires you to: Write an essay incorporating an introduction, body and conclusion 
(NB no headings). Use the marking criteria in this document as a guide when you write and prepare 
your essay.

Referances should be in APA format 
Introduction: The introduction includes an expertly constructed aim, and provides an exceptional, 
clear, comprehensive and concise overview of all major concepts and issues to be addressed in the 
body of the work. 
Body: Outstanding, clear, concise and expert explanation of primary health care for older people. 
Outstanding evaluation of the way resources are allocated and services provided using a primary 
health care approach. Outstanding critical discussion of the primary health care service delivery for 
older people. 
Conclusion: Provides an exceptional, clear, concise, well organized conclusion which expertly and 
succinctly summarizes all the main points raised in the discussion paper and draws these together in 
an outstanding manner 
Criteria 4 – Content & relevance 
Expert selection and use of 10 wide range of high quality, current, relevant, peer-reviewed 
academic research and /or evidence-based literature to support critical discussion. Information from 
supporting literature is excellently referenced in APA style, critically analysed and synthesised to 
provide excellent evidence and support for critical discussion throughout the work.

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