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NR451 Chamberlain University Central Venous Catheter Blood Infections

NR451 Chamberlain University Central Venous Catheter Blood Infections

EBP Change Process (form)

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NR451 Chamberlain University Central Venous Catheter Blood Infections
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The use of this specific form is REQUIRED and is due at the end of Week 6.
Identify a clinical topic and related nursing practice issue you think needs to be changed👉 (I selected Central venous catheter access dressing change and infections since it’s always a hot topic).
Locate a systematic review on your topic from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews located in the Chamberlain Library. Be sure this involves nursing actions👉👉 (See below for attached systemic review with the ✅ – I chose a longer review for the length of available content. Feel free to use as much info from the article as you see fit, but this must be used. Additional attached reference can be used as support information or you may find your own).
Work through each step of the ACE Star Model as outlined on the assignment form (Star Points 1-5: Discovery, Summary, Translation, Implementation, and Evaluation). Respond to the instructions provided on the form.
Follow the activities and think of Nurse Daniel in Weeks 1-6 in the ‘Illustration’ part of each lesson (see attachment). He will be working through a clinical topic and nursing practice issue to demonstrate a change (ACE Star Model and systematic review).
Please cite any references (in APA format) of your systematic review or other scholarly document (optional) as needed. Paraphrasing information, rather than quoting, is expected. No quotes for this assignment please!


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